Did you see what our biggest customer just did?

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

November 4th, 2020



What now?

Cross border traffic

The vast majority of our production goes south. Photo by Jason Kryk/The Canadian Press/File

That is our best customer. In 2016 we were stunned with the US presidential results.

Stunned again this morning even though it isn’t over yet.

But if Donald Trump is returned we know what to expect.

And how do you deal with that?

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1 comment to Did you see what our biggest customer just did?

  • Phillip Wooster

    Interestingly, the Democrats must be stunned this morning. Total election spending by the Democrats was in excess of $1 billion. They were further enabled by a highly biased press who engaged in a four-year propaganda campaign against Donald Trump. And what do they have to show this morning? They will likely not flip the Senate, seemed to have a reduced majority in the House, and Biden may barely win the Presidency–they thought it was going to be a cakewalk to super-majorities.

    And this election will leave a badly fractured United States. The Democrats barely won the popular vote–although this was largely based up huge majorities in the States of New York and California. The overwhelming majority of the ridings (wrong term I forget what they’re called south of the border) went to the Republicans. There is an enormous gulf between rural and urban electoral districts. Neither party won a mandate for any extensive legislative program.

    I suspect the USA will continue to meander and drift for the next four years until hopefully a candidate for President emerges that that gives the US a better choice than the two crooks in 2020.