Director of Education recommends that Bateman and Pearson be closed; trustees have final word June 7.

Newsflash 100By Pepper Parr

April 21st, 2017



The following  is a portion of the report of the Director of Education to the Halton District School Board trustees:

Robert Bateman High School to be closed June 2019 and students re-directed to Nelson High School and M.M. Robinson High School.

The International Baccalaureate Program to transfer from Robert Bateman High School to Burlington Central High School, effective September 2019.

Lester B. Pearson High School to be closed June 2018 and the students re-directed to M.M.
Robinson High School commencing September 2018.

French Immersion program to be moved from Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School as of
September 2018, beginning with the Grade 9 program.

Students from the “Evergreen” community (currently undeveloped) will be directed to M.M.
Robinson High School.

Aldershot High School will be explored as a site for a magnet program or themed school.

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8 comments to Director of Education recommends that Bateman and Pearson be closed; trustees have final word June 7.

  • John T

    All in all, considering the complexity of the situation, I think the directors report is as fair as it can be (forgiving past failures of our system). In going to several PAR meetings, it appeared that Geographical location is priority 1 for most everybody. Though certain programs I.e FI may be worse off, the mainstream is mostly considered in this. True, Central should have closed due to age, but it is more Geographically desirable vs. Nelson Bateman combo. But now we must make sure the funds are allocated to Central to bring this school up to this century. Unfortunately another problem is that, in my opinion, Hayden will continue to be very overcrowded. The reality is that the majority of French Immersion from Crb and Orchard may likely choose to drop out of FI as they value geography over FI. A sentiment I heard from FI parents regularly at meetings. This will jump Hayden numbers far over capacity again. much like Central, additional funding should be allocated to eleviate the overcrowding. Perhaps a permanentt addition should be added. And finally, to agree with Dougs comments, we are losing a great Vocational school. These are Important programs to those students who want to move towards trades, something that is seriously lacking in Canada. Something must be done to address and fund this important area of education..

  • Judy

    I agree that vocational training is required in a Burlington high school. Perhaps this is an opportunity for Aldershot to reach capacity since it was the one school left in a position of underutilization.

  • Yvonne

    pay attention to your Trustee race next election Council is not and should not be involved in school closings !!!!!!

    • Sharon

      Really! So you are telling me that Marianne Meed Ward’s political pull had nothing to do with it? It was a conflict of interest of Marianne being allowed to sit on the PARC. Unfortunately, no one on the Board had enough guts to say so. Because there was a quite of few people that questioned her being on the PARC.

  • BurlingtonLocal

    Craig, maybe you should have payed attention in high school. Your comment is unreadable.

  • Doug

    Looks like vocational education (Bateman) is out again. Need more MBA’s that can’t find work in their field.

    Looks like they still think we don’t need more plumbers, electrician, chefs, etc that make good money, that don’t need to rely on getting a Gov job.

    Not sure when these people will clue in, even the hated Trump realizes not everyone wants to be a white collar wannabe executive and the need for more technical ocupations.

  • craig

    can’t believe closing batrman and not central Bateman welcomed all srudents unlike Bateman and busing hundreds or thousands when evergreen built that could have gone to Bateman or Hayden if Hayden kids went to Pearson looks like north Burlington lost to central wil make for an interesting matoralty race next time I know who I will campaign against for sure.