Discipline, persistence, focus and passion: keys to developing positive work habits that grow you and your business.

By Gerry Visca

BURLINGTON, ON  March 6, 20112  Many entrepreneurs that I coach often ask me how I am able to stay focused and help so many others create their lives.  I tell them the key to driving my brand and my actions is daily discipline.  Sounds easy right?  Sometimes it’s the simple things that when executed on a consistent basis will drive your success forward.

Visca inspires - had Burlington's business elite on their feet shouting out BIG words - then hugging each other.

How long does it take to form a new habit? I receive several answers from audiences ranging from twenty to sixty days and everything in between.  Based on my experience, I have found that the formation of a new habit will take the average individual approximately thirty days.

Following the consistent application during this period of time will encourage the mind to accept it as a new form of behavior.  Ask any successful person and they will tell you that success is defined by replacing bad habits with really good ones.  The key here is to ‘focus’ on creating new and better habits to replace the old habits and align all of your actions to pursuing your goals.  The key words here are consistency and persistence.

Ask any professional speaker or entertainer how they are harnessing their energy. They need to recondition their mind and body for better physical and mental shape.  They need the ability to summon their inner energy upon demand. They strive to form new success habits; preparing themselves physically with disciplined physical fitness and a healthier diet.  They look great, feel great and have the physical energy to live life to the fullest. The audiences can sense their high energy the minute they pounce onto stage! They address the audience with great enthusiasm and passion and engage them within the first 10 seconds. Imagine being a leader in your organization that continually inspires and engages its employees to become the best that they can be?  What would this look like?

If you have never fallen you have never challenged your potential.”

Gerry Visca  

Your employees would be encouraged and inspired to strive for personal greatness in all they do.  Just think about it for a moment, what could you achieve in that one hour of time every morning? It’s only one hour right?  I know, you convince yourself that you really need that extra hour of sleep and you can’t function without it right?  That is the habit you have created for yourself and you have conditioned your mind in that manner.  The key is to stick to a consistent plan that is best for you.

The key to discipline includes the following attribute: Patience – a strong focus combined with harmonized thoughts.  This allows you to get into flow and learn how to balance your energy levels.   Personally, I find the morning the best time for me.  I love getting up with enthusiasm before the world is awake, it is my time to get myself mentally and physically focused, organized and ready to face new and exciting challenges.  My morning routine also provides me with the physical and mental energy needed to stimulate creativity.  I actually find sleeping in makes me more tired.  My routine starts with a twenty minute run followed by another twenty minutes of muscle conditioning followed by a meditation exercise.  I encourage you to start tomorrow. You will feel great and be surprised at what you will be able to achieve with this type of daily disciplined conditioning.

The second attribute to discipline is: Passion – If you’re not passionate about what you are doing how can you expect to engage anyone around you?

As you start to form new habits you will be in a better position to manifest the things that you want most.  Your mind is more in tune and ready to accept the transformation.  This creative principle is also geared towards helping you laser focus on the things that you want most in life.  Incorporating daily discipline is a very powerful principle in your personal transformation tool box.

Gerry Visca is an inspirational speaker who has made presentations to the Mayor’s Burlington Economic Development  Corporation luncheons and has “inspired” some 100,000 people to harness innate abilities.   He can be reached at: gerry@redchairbranding.com


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