Do you know your neighbours? Enough to help the police when there is an emergency?

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April 20, 2015


We see it every summer – police reports of break-ins and theft of property during the day when people are at work – or out of the house.

Police - know your neighbourThere was a report last year of a house being illegally entered at the front while the owners were in the back yard gardening.

Burlington is fortunate in that most people are quite vigilant and call 911 when they see something suspicious.

However, all too often the people making the phone call don’t have some of the information the police need.

Halton Regional Police Service recently put out a convenient form that they encourage people to use and stick up on the fridge.

You can print out this story and crate you own list of neighbours.

The police ask:

Do you know the first name of at least five (5) different neighbours?
Would you be able to tell police the address of the house behind you in the event you witnessed a break and enter?
Does your back door neighbour know your address?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, use the chart below and get to know your neighbours. And call 9-1-1 to report crimes in progress.

Police - Your neighbours

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