Down down down goes the city's ranking in a magazine list of best places to live; electioneering taking place!

council 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 16th, 2018



If you thought the municipal election was going to be quiet until Labour Day – think again.

Each of the candidates for Mayor has been lining up their teams, opening their campaign offices if they decided to have one.

Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward who wants an upgrade and decided to run for Mayor this election has come out swinging with a xx on Facebook that was waiting for you on your Facebook page.

Money sense graph

She is punching hard.

The swing is directly at the current Mayor. She tells you where she thinks he has gone wrong and what she is going to do about the mistakes that were made.

Numerous references are made to how Oakville got it right and where Burlington got it wrong.

Meed Ward has always seen herself as one of the few politicians in Burlington who knows how to make social media work.

The last line of her Facebook message is an invitation to go to her web site and learn even more about what she can do for you.

Her base will love it.

Is Rick Goldring the person Meed Ward has to beat?


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3 comments to Down down down goes the city’s ranking in a magazine list of best places to live; electioneering taking place!

  • Carie DeMunck

    Well said Lucy. I recognize that fact and I agree. More people should read the minutes of Burlington Council meetings, and people would find Marianne Meed Ward is the only one of the Grouo of Seven that has what’s best for the citizens of Burlington in her focus.

  • Lucy

    Rick Goldring thinks he has done his best for Burlington. The past four years have shown that his best is not good enough. It’s not only the Money Sense Data that proves it, but also the multitude of residents who are frankly disgusted with what has gone on in this city. There is only one candidate for mayor that knows exactly what has been going on with this misguided council and that is Marianne who has too often been the lone voice defending the citizens, not only in her ward but throughout Burlington. She has proven herself with her votes against overintensification. At this time, she is the perfect fit for the mayor’s job. There will be no learning curve time wasted for her if elected as mayor. This makes sense to me and I am hoping that there will be a majority that also recognizes this fact.

  • Marnie Mellish

    Mike has an interesting inter-active site plus political party clout. With angry voters, with voters who want to just shake things up with little regard for the ripple outcomes, then, with vote splitting, some one might just run up the middle, and win. First past the post results are known to not provide the best outcomes for the majority.