ECoB responds to the announcement of the second condominium on Brant Street across from city hall - 24 storeys.

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February 10th, 2018



It didn’t take the Engaged Citizens of Burlington (ECoB) to put out a response to the news of another high rise project for lower Brant Street.

ECoB said they were “expecting more new applications and we suspect 409 Brant is the first of many. Anybody who has been paying any attention to downtown development would have seen this coming”.

Rendering with Bake Shop

The Reserve Properties application was announced on Friday – 24 storeys with the retention of two historical properties on the south end – one on Brant and the other on James.

The ECoB team had a meeting with Deputy City Manager Mary Lou Tanner and several planning staff members on Thursday during which the 409 Brant application was not mentioned. News of the application came out early Friday.

ECoB has been warning council and staff that accepting the 421 Brant zoning amendment would open the door for other very hi-rise developments. “Despite assurances from council and staff, this is exactly what has happened. It is worth noting that the developers representative is the same Glenn Wellings who was so critical of citizen delegations on the Official Plan and suggested all were NIMBYs.”

421 Brant

City council approved the construction of the 23 storey 421 Brant project by a vote of 5-2.

The height allowance for 421 Brant street far exceeds the current Official Plan and the proposed new Official Plan.

This latest application 409m Brant – asks for even more height, “a contradiction of both Official Plans”.

ECoB said the mantra from City Hall has been that: “if we did not allow for height the developers would build ugly squat buildings”.

“Is this proposed development an attractive tall building?” asks ECoB

“Is the brick at the bottom supposed to maintain the character of Brant Street? Even if a few existing retailers survive, the character of Brant Street will be forever changed with the construction of this tower and however many more council and staff accede to. Engaged Citizens of Burlington has never believed that these heights satisfy good planning”.

ECoB is asking residents throughout the city to call and email all the Councillors and the Mayor to not ratify the application for 421 Brant Street. ECoB is pressing city council to truly listens to the residents and act on their behalf.

ECoB points out that numerous delegations were told that the 421 project would not be precedent. “The developers obviously think it is.”

Site - south of 421

The approved 23 storey condominium is shown is red – the application for a 24 storey tower on the south side of John Street is shown in black. Both are across the street from city hall.

The question that Council should be asking is this said ECoB – Does the City want to go to the OMB to defend their current official plan on behalf of the residents, or do they want to go to the OMB to fight against the residents?

ECoB is hosting a Municipal Election Workshop on February 22nd from 7-9pm at Tansley Woods Community Centre. Mark Carr will be moderating. The workshop is open to all residents who are thinking about running for city council.

The event is for volunteers who would like to help the candidate of their choice be successful or for those who want to know more about municipal politics as well.

Registration information along with members of the panel will be announced shortly.

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3 comments to ECoB responds to the announcement of the second condominium on Brant Street across from city hall – 24 storeys.

  • J. Christie

    Sounds like the sky may be falling, Mr. Wellings. This is so tiring, but I guess that is the point. Tire out the residents fighting for their city.

  • The planning department obviously was hiding the news about the new, even higher development across from 421. They really are in a hurry to change the look of Brant Street. The stores now on Brant St. are being labelled shabby and out of date. Of course they are- that’s how they built them when the small town of Burlington was recovering from a terrible economic depression and a second world war. They are part of our history. Is this anything to be ashamed of? I don’t think so. It was, for many years, a very vibrant street. Often it was busy with lots of shoppers- shopping at Dale’s or Graham’s hardware stores, Mel Howden’s shoe store, the Coffee Pot, Bush’s Men’s Wear, the Library, the beautiful rubblestone post office, the Town Hall to name a few. Not only that but every weekend night there was a long lineup around the corner for the Hume Theatre on Water Street. But the malls came along and with them stores with famous names like Eaton’s and many other businesses gave up the struggle on Brant Street. Somehow a glimpse of it has survived. Now the new developers are determined to deliver the final blow. Somehow we must stop this desecration. Brant St., shabby or out-of-date, is part of our history. It should be preserved and revered as a once-upon-a-time community of fair-minded storekeepers who were not money-worshippers but simply wanted to make a decent living in a peaceful town.

  • Joseph Gaetan

    So, what does the construction of twin towers across from our 8 storey city hall mean? Both buildings are respectively 6 and 7 storeys taller than our yet to be approved official. Does it mean Burlington has lost control over height as many expected would happen. Does it mean we haven’t seen anything yet, and someone may be coming forward soon with a 40 storey proposal? Were we not told on January 23, 2018 that 421 Brant would not set a precedent? Is this now, more than ever, the wake-up call needed to engage the citizens of Burlington more fully to shape the future of our city?