Election advertising is getting really nasty - negative attack ads do have an impact.

council 100x100By Pepper Parr

October 4th, 2018



If you were wondering what those numbered corporations that had registered with the city as Third Party Advertisers were going to do – you can stop guessing.

There are a number of people we know who are into this stuff – no one wants to give any names – this kind of stuff is always done in the shadows.



MMW - Goldring comparison

Part of an election advertisement – really really nasty.

An email was sent out earlier today – what you see below is just a part of the  For all the details – Click HERE

One Gazette reader noted that he didn’t think the mayor has the integrity or the courage to call out this disreputable action. He’s too compromised and desperate to hang on to power.

An advertisement that is going to appear in the Post later today is pretty slimy as well.

Rusin ad

Peter Rusin ran against the Mayor in 2014 0 did very poorly. Running in ward 3 this time around.

There is going to be more of this.

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13 comments to Election advertising is getting really nasty – negative attack ads do have an impact.

  • Bev

    Mr Tanner should read the ad again. It is Peter Rusin who posted the ad in the Post not Mr. Morin.

  • Fred Crockett

    I have known Rick Goldring for many years, and in the last two mayoralty elections, I have voted for him with pleasure. After his sad performance in the most recent term, though, and noting his strategy in the current campaign, there will be no votes for Rick from our household this time.

  • Disillusioned Resident

    Here is the impact that these nasty, negative attack ads have had on this voter:

    Mr. Rusin, were I in the position to vote for a Ward 3 councillor, hell would have to freeze over before I would ever cast a vote for you. You have aligned yourself with the sleaziest and most desperate factions of politics that rely on smear campaigns and personal attacks to garner favour. One wonders who you are trying to impress.

    Mr. Goldring, you have shown a side that can only be categorized as “Trumpian”. How disappointing that you, as our current mayor, have needed to resort to underhanded, dishonest and character-slamming tactics to persuade voters. Did you really think that this approach would work? You have only persuaded me that you are not the “honest” and “trustworthy” person who you claim to be. Quite the opposite. After witnessing your outburst against Marianne Meed Ward in your closing remarks at the Burlington Green Mayoral Debate, however, I’m not surprised.

  • Tom Muir

    I don’t know if anybody who complains about the City Clerk and Returning Officer actually contacts her in writing with the complaint.

    I have said many times here that City Hall staff don’t respond to comments in the Gazette.

    If you want to get something done and/or build a case that the Clerk is not doing her job to rein in and expose these scoff-law Third Parties then phone her or send her an email, perhaps copying the provincial office responsible for the law.

  • joe gaetan

    The stated web address and associated 3rd party advertisement does not appear to meet Ontario Law on 3rd party political advertising and should be investigated immediately by the Returning Officer.
    “Authorization on political advertising
    All third party political advertising must name the registered third party authorizing the advertising.
    No specific language is required for the authorization but it must be apparent what person or entity has caused the advertisement to appear and any other person or entity that has sponsored or paid for it.
    An example of appropriate authorization wording is “Authorized by the XYZ entity”.

    The law also states: “All scripts and text for political advertising must include information about who authorized the advertising. In other words, an advertisement must include a spoken or written line such as “authorized by the xyz campaign” or “this advertisement was paid for by the xyz political party.”

    The party placing the 3rd party ads may want to visit https://www.elections.on.ca/en/political-entities-in-ontario/political-advertising.html

  • Bev

    What would you expect from this individual. I have yet to hear either Marianne nor Rick make ANY negative comments on the other candidates, but have read many about Marianne. None of these comments are TRUE. I have personally known Marianne for 12 years plus and 4 years ago I told her to run for the Mayor of Burlington. She stated “she wasn’t ready yet.” If by standing up for your values, beliefs, and engaging the Community and listening to the residents of her Ward 2 riding is wrong, then she is guilty. She is a hard worker, with honesty, integrity , and a desire to make Burlington a great place to live. I am tired of all the negative “garbage” used to describe her. Whom ever is responsible must be “running scared.” I am proud to call her a good friend.
    Now, about this “lowlife” that placed the ad in the Post. What a loser. You are lower than a snake in the grass and I hope that the residents of Ward 3 see you for what you really are–a loser. If you haven’t got anything good to say about a candidate, go back to your place in the ground.

  • All this material, in my opinion, is contrary to the provincial law concerning 3rd party advertisers. In short – what we are seeing are not 3rd Party ads, but presumably paid content which, prima facie, breaks provincial law.

    I have yet to see any legally compliant 3rd party advertising in this election. The two websites cited by Mr Morin are contrary to the law, unless he is paying for them himself (in which case, given the lack of candidate branding or any reference to Ward 3, he is also obliged to declare that he is paying and approving the content).

    Here are the rules on 3rd party advertising as cited on the city website. Such rules should be strictly enforced during the campaign, and certainly would be at a provincial or federal election.

    “Third party advertisers must identify themselves and provide mandatory information on all advertising beginning May 1 until the close of voting on October 22, 2018.

    “Third party advertisements must contain the following information:

    “Name of the registered third party advertiser
    “Municipality where the third party advertiser is registered
    “Telephone number, mailing address or email address at which the registered third party advertiser may be contacted regarding the advertisement”

    Any other advertising content, especially anonymously funded advertising, breaks Ontario law.

    As a candidate I have to say I really don’t care. The malicious content doing the rounds is a sign of the complete desperation felt in certain quarters as a longstanding comfortable status quo is challenged. I have not doubt whatsoever it is helping the people it aims to hurt.

  • Disappointed Burlantonian

    I am increasingly concerned about these shady dealings and an apparent lack of control from the administration team of this election. I even recently discovered that one of the Ward 5 candidates (and his wife) are active board members for Liberals Oakville-Burlington North riding who meet monthly to “strategize ways to raise Liberal awareness amongst the community, and create a strong membership base to provide a support system for the next election”.

    How is this not deemed a conflict of interest??? Doesn’t help that the riding voted overwhelmingly Conservative in the recent election.

    • Louise F.

      Until recently, the Oakville/North Burlington Liberal Provincial Riding Association website noted the candidate as their President. And his wife was seeking the riding nomination less than a year ago before dropping out in early 2018. Lots of pics out there with their arms around Trudeau, Wynne, Eleanor McMahon, and other local Liberals.
      But of course none of this is noted on any of his campaign material.

  • A disgusted Burlington resident

    This is disgusting. Rick Goldring just lost 3 votes – mine, my wife’s and my adult daughter. His sign is coming off my lawn. I am sharing this with everyone I know who expressed any interest in Rick Goldring.

    • Kevin Visser

      This seems to be all Peter Rusin… he is a developer and has a vested interested in the mayoral race, and he is using his campaign solely to further his business interests. He clearly has no chance of winning Ward 3, just like he had no chance of becoming Mayor in 2014. I would be careful in assuming that Mayor Goldring has anything to do with this.

    • Sean Baird

      What makes you think this has anything to do with Mayor Goldring? Seems obvious to me that it is Peter Rusin?

  • Stephen White

    This is disgusting in the extreme! Once again, where are the City Clerk and the Elections Officer on these type of actions and behaviour? They are supposed to supervise and report on this type of stuff, but instead, turn a blind eye and fixate upon bumper stickers and car wraps.

    It is truly regrettable that some individuals and candidates in this election can’t or won’t disassociate themselves from this kind of low level, gutter campaigning and invective. Equally disturbing that we can’t have an intelligent, informed debate on the issues without certain individuals resorting to personal attacks and irresponsible advertising.