Brant Street parking lot to be closed while pathway is built - expected to reopen for the winter.

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August 31st, 2017



Get used to the idea that the parking lot off Elizabeth Street isn’t going to be available to you on Tuesday of next week and won’t open up again until sometime in the winter.

John Street - Elizabeth parking lot

Parking lot between John and Elizabeth Street will be closed while a pathway is built at the north end of the lot.

The City is building a new multi-use pathway in downtown Burlington core and the phase that will complete the path between John and Elizabeth begins on Tuesday.

Running east/west, the new connection will cut across the heart of downtown Burlington and accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists safely, providing access to shops, restaurants and services.

Downtown pathway

Lot 4 will be closed starting Tuesday. Work on putting in the pathway at the north side of lot 5 will follow.

The construction project is  to build the second phase (between Elizabeth Street and John Street) and the third phase (between John Street and Brant Street) of the new pathway.

Parking lot 5, located on Brant Street will have quite a bit of work done and will not be open at all until the work is completed.

Lot 4 on Elizabeth Street will have work done on the northern portion – the rest of that lot will be open.

Works starts on Tuesday the 5th and is expected to be completed by winter time.

Alternate parking areas available during the closure are located at the waterfront parking garage at 414 Locust St. and parking lot 3 located on John Street.

PROPOSED-PARKING downtown path

Parking options while lot 4 is closed.

Queens Head - hotel

Now the Queen’s Head minus the balconies and Elgin Street minus the street car.

Construction Details
Construction of phases 2 and 3 will include:
• resurfacing and widening of the multi-use pathway
• resurfacing of the parking areas
• replacement of the bus shelters on both sides of John St.
• new urban trees and plantings
• new benches, lighting, and a bike shelter
• a 300m2 public space beside Brant Street that will provide additional areas for seating, entertainment and the installment of public art.

Few people know that there is a pipeline beneath the pathway to be built that carries jet fuel to Hamilton.  The parking lot was once going to be the location for part of McMaster University that was being built in Burlington.  The South Service Road was the eventual location choice.

Phase 1 of the new multi-use pathway between Pearl Street and Elizabeth Street was completed earlier this summer.

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