Emma's disappears because there was a deficiency of $168,706.89 - That's all?

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

June 1st, 2020



The first meeting of the creditors of 975445 Ontario Inc., which operated as Emma’s Back Porch is to take place electronically tomorrow, Tuesday.

The short financial picture is this: there was a deficiency of $168,706.89

While it is a lot of money, it struck me as a small amount and I found myself wondering if this could not be found within the community.

On the many occasions I was at Emma’s I often had to sit at the bar and wait for a table.

Emmas and the cooker - Street viewThere is a Balance Sheet and a list of the creditors in the papers that were filed with the Trustee in Bankruptcy.

There does not appear to be any rent due. Burlington Hydro is going to take a hit, there is a stated $40,000 due in taxes.

Gordon Food Services is down for $25,039.67

Most of the claims are for well under $5000

There is no Profit and Loss Statement – so we don’t know what the revenue was, what the profits were and where those profits went.

Thirty years of history down the tube for something over $150,000.

If 300 people had loaned Emma’s $575.00 interest free in return for premium service and a regular discount – the place could have been saved.

If 500 people had loaned Emma’s $340.00 interest free in return for premium service and a regular discount – the place could have been saved.

A failure of imagination for sure.  Disappointing and unfortunate.

Or was this a situation where it was a business decision? The COVID virus was going to kick the stuffing out of every restaurant if rent had to be paid.  It was unfair to expect the landlord to take the hit.

Of interest is that it is the landlord who now has possession of his property and the understanding is that the owners will operate the premises as Emma’s Back Porch.

Documents setting out the financial details are shown below:

Balance sheet

Balance sheet filed with the Bankruptcy Trustee

Creditors 1
Crediitors 2

Creditors 3

Creditors 4

creditors 5

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7 comments to Emma’s disappears because there was a deficiency of $168,706.89 – That’s all?

  • Lisa Cooper

    How about asking the citizens of Burlington to donate to their local women’s shelter, or charity there are plenty in Burlington that could use donations. Instead of paying off the owners debt who clearly did not know how to handle his finances. From the look of those numbers this has nothing to do with the lockdown but rather bad management. Or he could just ask Trudeau I’m sure he would bail him out.

  • Eve St Clair

    Maybe the Mayor will make lawn signs saying ” Save Emma’s” since we have illegal lawn signs everywhere else

    • dave turner

      Please would you give examples of ‘illegal” lawn signs to which you refer, and justification for referring to them as “illegal”. Thank you

    • Good points made by all. Margaret creativity is not something Council has been known for except getting what they want (for example using $4 m hydro reserves for something that benefits a very low number of taxpayers and then having to find monies to replace hydro infrastructure). Or using a very expensive outbreak of an infectious disease as an excuse to raise money for a new hospital when the evidence is clear JBH knew about and ignored they had an outbreak of bacterial gastroenteritis in the form of c-diff April 8/9 2006 and ignored it, They buried the evidence and blamed their aging infrastructure for over 91 deaths and got the support of the OCCO to bury the multi pt death investigation Eva Bourgoin et al, the Chief Coroner’s Office had set up beinginning May 3, 2006 and then buried. The multi-death investigation should have begun anytime after May 7, 2008. Such an investigation is requiired to establish the deaths were natural, homicide or undetermined in accordance with our laws (Coroners Act)(. We continue to seek these decisions as all the affected families have a right to expect. (see marsdens.ca ALERT page). .

      All the Halton Mayors Damoff Van Koeverden and Gary Carr’s recent demand for more of our momey from Federal and Provincial govs. to replace COVID lost revenues should be accompanied with a list of taxpayers monies in Halton that should have been saved for real needs. Also their lack of transparency with the electorate in 2018 that they knew before the election that a forensic audit identified Halton’s loss to staff member bank account(s was in the millions (and that is what we know about) because they failed to properly watch over our tax dollars as they should have AND BURIED THE TRUTH UNTIL EXPOSED BY A WHISTLE BLOWER OVER THE CRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR BREAK. Burlington and Halton in particular refuse to consider audits conducted by those they know they have audit skills that are respected and utillized by the Halton Crown and Deputy Chiefs of Police (one now a Chief of Police) to address criminal issues and return monies to public coffers, and national and international organizations. Instead of utilizing the audits at least one of which showed criminal aspects of where our tax dollars are going.they bury them and deny access to both Councils by the auditors., We will do our best to ensure those MPs and Mayors who have signed their latest requests for COVID 19 lost revenues that are not up front with the failure of Burlington and Halton (the subjects of our audits) to be either concerned or transparent in terms of audits available to them that shows explanations are due both Federal and Provincial governments and taxpayers associated with millions of our tax dollars that have not beein spent for the benefit or the well-being of the City of Burlington or Region of Halton.

      Our comments are never posted on A Better Burlington unless John Bikla can take responsibility for the point we are making rather than our Council despite our references and audit abilities being well respected at the regional national and international level. . .

      • dave turner

        Oh my ! That’s quite the rant having pretty much nothing to do with the subject matter of the article in question .

  • John Jacobs

    Amazing, someone could acquire this sucessful business for under 200,000

  • Maggie Steiss

    I like your thinking about the idea of small loans from loyal patrons. It shows a creativity that is often lacking in finances where set ideas are the norm and more unorthodox solutions are ignored.