Erecting of a construction crane is a delicate task

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June 6th, 2021



City hall announced on Thursday that the intersection of Lakeshore Road and Martha would be closed while a construction crane was installed on the ADI construction site where the Nautique was being built.

Those cranes are complex pieces of equipment – assembling them is no simple task.

A local photographer was able to train his camera on the men and the work they were doing.

Adi crane at Martha 1

The finished job. Now they begin to lift steel beams and concrete to the site as the building rises floor by floor.

Adi crane 2

With the upright section in place the riggers wait for the two side of the horizontal section gets lifted into place.

Adi crane 4

First piece of the horizontal section is hoisted into position with the riggers waiting to bolt it down.

Adi crane 3

The height doesn’t impact on the men doing the work. Their focus is on making sure everything is in place and done properly before inspectors sign off on the work. Imagine for a moment if a crane that tall were to topple.


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2 comments to Erecting of a construction crane is a delicate task

  • Diane Knox

    When will this ever end? Once again Tor. Builders win, We the Taxpayers of Burlington Lose yet another battle to save our shores AND a major already congested East/ West route to our One and Only Hospital even for a few days. This structure will only add more cars! and More time for those in Wards 4 &5 in any emergency.

  • Penny Hersh

    The positioning of the crane now gives residents a true picture of how this development will impact the neighbourhood. The footprint on which it is being constructed, as you can see, is extremely small.

    This developer was given more height at the OMB appeal than they requested as a result of poor representation by the Burlington Planning Department . Anyone attending the meeting could attest that the city planner, representing the City, was woefully unprepared and did not have a clearcut plan on what would be acceptable for this site. As a result the judge in the case gave the developer 26 stories.

    The loss of the appeal has now set the height standard for other development in the area.