Faithful Liberals gather this evening to renominate Eleanor McMahon as their candidate for the June 7th, 2018 provincial election

eventsred 100x100By Pepper Parr

June 19th, 2017



If you a member in good standing with Burlington’s provincial Liberal Association you have a chance to get to hear some particularly good people spout the Liberal line as they prepare for a tough provincial election in 2018
The crowd will nominate Eleanor McMahon as their candidate – she should be a shoe-in for re-election unless the bottom falls out of the Liberal Party during that election.

McMahon with seniors

Eleanor McMahon at her annual tea for seniors.

McMahon has done a good  job for the most part – the Tyendaga community want her to pay more attention to their issues and some of the high school parents think she could have and should have done much more for their cause.

But on balance McMahon is popular and liked.

She took a seat that the Conservatives had held for the previous 70 years; the Liberals don’t want to see it going Tory blue.

Summit Wynne + McMeekin - Zelinksi

Ted McMeekin with Premier Wynne – he serves as her Parliamentary assistant.

Ted McMeekin, MPP for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale and Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier will be speaking. Has McMeekin been re-nominated?

Hon. Glen Murray, MPP for Toronto-Centre and Minister of the Environment and Climate Change will get to speak

Hon. Kathryn McGarry, MPP for Cambridge and Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry will add his voice.


Jane McKenna

Given that all three are speaking to the converted there just might be some fine oratory. McMeekin can certainly move an audience when he puts his mind to it.

Burlington Central Public Library; 6:00 pm

McMahon will speak longer than she should, but they are her people.

Jane McKenna has already been nominated as the candidate for the Progressive Conservative Party.

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4 comments to Faithful Liberals gather this evening to renominate Eleanor McMahon as their candidate for the June 7th, 2018 provincial election

  • Marshall

    Eleanor McMahon MUST NOT be re-elected. Even if the deplorable record of the Wynne government isn’t enough, she must be taken to task for her complete lack of concern and response to the school closures. That’s an issue that should resonate with most households in the riding.

  • Stephen White

    I can’t wait to see how the closure of Pearson and Bateman High Schools plays out in the next provincial election. It will be interesting to see how the Liberals defend an estimated 600 high school closures across the province while professing concern for education and teaching on the other.

    I’m sure Ms. McMahon would love this issue to just quietly fade away but I suspect it won’t. Her silence and lack of leadership on this issue speaks volumes.

  • Sharon

    She has done nothing. There was a small group from Save Bateman there last night with signs waiting outside. McMahon went in the back door so she would not have to talk to them. Some leader!

  • Roger

    She had done little to nothing for Burlington.