Federal and provincial funds made available for Burlington projects.

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March 19th, 2018



Fed + prov funding graphicThe governments of Canada and Ontario are working together to make long-term infrastructure investments to create economic growth, build inclusive communities and support a low carbon, green economy–leading to a higher quality of life for all Canadians.

Translation – this is how the government is going to use the taxes they collect – Over $18 million available in federal funding for local public transit projects in Burlington

These investments will help transform Canada in four priority areas: public transit; green infrastructure; community, culture and recreation infrastructure; and rural and northern community infrastructure.

Under the public transit stream, Burlington will receive over $18 million federally and $15 million provincially to build new urban transit networks and service extensions that will transform the way Canadians live, move and work.

One of the levels of government (it certainly wasn’t Burlington) provided a neat interactive map that lets you see where the funds are going and what the money will be spent on. Click here to check it out.



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2 comments to Federal and provincial funds made available for Burlington projects.

  • Jeremy Skinner

    Follow the link to the map and click the leaf associated with the Appleby GO Station to reveal the Federal contribution for the “GO Transit RER (Regional Express Rail) – Lakeshore West Corridor Burlington; Halton; Hamilton; Oakville, Ontario
    Delivery Department/Agency: Infrastructure Canada
    Federal Contribution: $ 196,547,500
    Estimated Total Cost: $ 393,095,000
    Estimated Start Date: Summer 2019”
    A chart exists below the map. Enter “Burlington” in the Search box to reveal the projects with link buttons to additional details under the “Actions” column.

  • Penny

    The 33 million dollars for transit will be given out over a 10 year period. Burlington probably needs close to that now to improve the Transit System.