Federal election - just what's at stake?

By Staff

August 16th, 2021



Just like that, Canadians are heading into a federal election.

We turn to the The Centre for Policy Alternatives for a viewpoint that doesn’t come from the mouths of the candidates and their political parties who want your vote and will say what they think you want to hear.

The Centre is an evidence-based, non-partisan analysis through a progressive lens—because there is much at stake and important decisions to make.

What’s at stake?

Fire like this are becoming the new normal – brought on by conditions we created. Scientists are describing our behaviour as a “force of nature”

This has been a summer of climate change reckoning. It’s beyond clear that, unless our governments take urgent and meaningful action, Canada will not meet our Paris Agreement commitments.

Governments were caught unprepared for a global pandemic after decades of funding and service cuts. And workers, families and communities paid the price.

And let’s not forget extreme income, racial, and Indigenous inequality, which our research shows is at a historic high with no signs of disappearing on its own.

These are just some of the urgent challenges of our time; challenges that threaten to further polarize us, to worsen inequality, to diminish the chance that our children and grandchildren will have access to a better quality of life.

The Centre is committed to:

Ryan O’Dowd: Gazette federal election reporter

Facts: Deliberate misinformation campaigns can threaten our democratic process and polarize us in elections. CCPA experts bring you #FactCheckFridays, where we sort out fact from fiction for the week’s key issues and give you talking points for those awkward conversations with someone who is unwittingly spreading misinformation.

The Gazette will supplement this with a report on what our election reporter Ryan O’Dowd learns while he in the field following the candidates and interviewing them.




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4 comments to Federal election – just what’s at stake?

  • Denise W.

    Who funds this group. Sure it has a way to make donations on it’s webpage. But who really funds them? Is this not publicly disclosed because this is not a political party? But clearly pushes a specific agenda.

    And if you want to go after money. Put an end to the trust funds being used to transfer generational wealth and hide from taxes. No need to increase any taxes or make new ones. Just close down the system that allows for trust fund babies. Probably not on the table, I think many are politically connected.

    But for those who studied hard, worked hard, sacrificed over and over, and risked everything many times, sometimes losing all but trying again. They deserve their success and should not be targeted.

  • Alfred


    Are you suggesting that there were no forest fires before men and women were on earth? Them suckers burnt forever as there was no one there to put them out. Imagine the carbon being expelled into the enviroment. Probably explains the 5 ice ages we had in the past. The enviroment was never pristine, uncontrolled forest fires made sure of that.

    May I suggest you tell the whiners to go out and get a job and everything will be fine. My hard working immigrant parents showed me that a long time ago. You do know that the asians had no problem adapting and then surpassing the whites in terms of success in this country you appear to hate.

    • Leslie


      Not sure what article you’re reading but you certainly have an interesting takeaway. The comments by “Staff” (not Mr O’Dowd, who is simply noted as the election reporter) seem pretty on point to me. May I suggest you stop your whining too and figure out how you can be part of the solution. Cheers, mate.

    • Denise W.

      I read that in the last 100 years about, the Earth’s average temperature rose something like 0.7 to 1.5 dC. Just lookin for it now, I see this….

      Summers are hot. But I don’t see this starting any forest fires.

      As for the “get a job comment”. Yes, that is the name of the best social program there is.

      I would prefer the candidates be touting a plane to make everybody “work their fair share.” The high income earners do pay their fair share of taxes. Just over half goes. Then an additional 12 percent up in smoke when they dare spend some of their money. It is the super rich, big name families that are under the radar screen with their trust funds. Why not address those, is the big question.