Federal government gets thanked by the Chamber of Commerce - Region of Halton and its municipalities feel they have been betrayed

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

January 31srt, 2021


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Full page advertisement in the weekend Toronto Star


The good people of Milton don’t see the federal government decision to allow the inter-modal hub that CN Rail has planned for the Town of Milton.

While the direct and immediate damage is focused on Milton the damage the truck traffic will do to the northern part of Burlington is significant and will never end as long as there are freight trains using the rail lines that will lead into the inter-modal hub.

There will be a reported 1600 trucks a day coming and going and while they all won’t pour onto the north Burlington roads – there will likely be more than the roads were built to withstand.

CN is of course delighted and they convinced all their friends at many of the local Chambers of Commerce organizations to take part in the sponsoring of a full page advertisement in the weekend edition of the Toronto Star thanking the federal government.

What seems to have been forgotten is that while the Chambers of Commerce represent the business interests in a community those very business interests stand to suffer and lose once the inter-modal hub is operational.

Tractor-trailer traffic in the community will increase, housing developments will suffer – the value of the homes in the immediate locale of the inter-modal hub will be assessed at a lower value than they would have been if the inter-modal hub was built somewhere else


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3 comments to Federal government gets thanked by the Chambers of Commerce – Region of Halton and its municipalities feel they have been betrayed

  • Marshall

    The Star would like any add congratulating the federal Liberals and would have no concerns about the neighbouring communities.

  • Phillip Wooster

    And the QEW and 401 will become further gridlocked, particularly during the rush hours.

  • Hans Jacobs

    If Bill Davis could stop an unwanted airport from being built, why can’t Doug Ford do the same for an unwanted railroad project?