Federal transportation department doesn't appear to be aware of long range plans for the Beachway

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March 31st, 2021




MP Karina Gould engaging a constituent during the last federal election

In her monthly report to the public Burlington MP Karina Gould, a Member of the Trudeau Cabinet said she was “pleased to share the news earlier this month that an agreement is in the works between Transport Canada and the Cities of Burlington and Hamilton to come to an arrangement to keep the Burlington Piers open and accessible.

There is more work to do, but this is a very positive development for our community.”

The decision to limit access to the piers on both sides of the canal came as a surprise to many.

Burlington Canal

A federal government department is working with both Burlington and Hamilton to find a way to keep the piers open to the public.

What concerns the Gazette is: Where is the public participation on this one?  It was the public that was being kept off the pier for really spurious reasons.

Can you just imagine telling the public they could not stand on the pier and watch as the ship, some under full sail, glided by.

As well – Burlington and the Region are toiling away at a major design task for the Beachway including a park setting that will be on the north side of the bridge coming right up to the water’s edge of what is at that point Hamilton harbour.

Beachway - federal pier

Long range plan for the Beachway is to upgrade the area including significant changes to the western end – around the canal. These plans would seem to be at odds with what the federal Transportation department is working through for public access to the piers.

Sandy Empire - canal

Hundreds gathered on the piers to watch ships like this glide by.

Ships canal - crowd bith sides

Many will recall the hundreds of people that lined the piers when the tall ships paid Burlington and Hamilton a visit.




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1 comment to Federal transportation department doesn’t appear to be aware of long range plans for the Beachway

  • Leonard Collins

    I felt the threat to close the pier was to put pressure on the city of Hamilton to assume ownership of the lift bridge because it is in need of some serious funds too repair and maintain. The Pier at Pt Dalhousie is undergoing upgrades to make it more accessible to the public so it doesn’t make sense that they would close this one