Female struck by a pick up truck at a crosswalk identified.

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June 16th, 2018



A neighbour, who has asked to remain anonymous, reports that Maria Richter was the 94 year old female who was hit by a pick-up truck at the intersection of New Street and Drury Lane earlier this week.

Neighbours spoke very fondly of Maria who lived on Lakeshore Road west of Brant and used a mobility scooter to get around the city.

The initial police investigation had the pick-up truck making a left turn and struck the pedestrian in the crosswalk. She was taken to Hamilton General Hospital by Halton Regional Paramedic Services with life threatening injuries.

The intersection was closed for approximately five hours for investigation.

Any witnesses who have not yet spoken to police are asked to contact the Collision Reconstruction Unit at 905 825-4747 ext: 5065.

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3 comments to Female struck by a pick up truck at a crosswalk identified.

  • Marnie Mellish

    My Mom at age 82 was injured in a crosswalk too. Young woman was speeding in her van to meet her boyfriend at the gym. Made a left turn on a red light and hit Mom and threw her 40 feet into the air. Because of her age, insurance company really treated her poorly because she did not drive so had to insurance or insurance company to sue. The young woman was covered by “an insurance company of last resort” and also had deep pockets, and basically said her life was not worth much and would not likely recover. Even the surgeons felt this way and did not provide Mom with the best care. Surprise. She is still alive at 97. I really hope that Maria has friends who visit her, bring her items she needs like a pillow, toothbrush, pay for hair care for her, bring her knitting, large print books to read, find out if her bills are being paid, etc. Keep a diary of her injuries, how she is each day, take photos of her in hospital. This is valuable information that may be needed later. My Mom thought she was super independent too and saw that asking for help and support was some sign of weakness or family disgrace. Thank heaven that I had power of attorney so was able to step in and do what needed to be done.

  • Jennifer

    Maria often visited with the Burlington Handweavers and Spinners at the AGB when she was out and about. We will miss her interest and comments which we enjoyed so much when she dropped in to see what was going on in the studio.

  • Penny

    I know Maria and she is a great lady. Maria is one of the ladies that meet every Thursday at the Burlington Seniors Centre who knits and sews and donates everything to the Senior Centre. This group of women have over the years sold and donated thousands of dollars to the Centre. Maria is an independent woman who never let her age get in the way of doing anything.