Festival goers pause to take in their brand new pier – then they mosey along to the music.

By Staff

Taking part in the Sound of Music this year was different. The people were there; the sound was as good as it usually is – but there was something difference.  People walked onto the grounds of Spencer Smith Park the way they always have but this time they veered the east just a bit and out onto the expanse of this pier that leads you out into the lake.

Burlington is the only city that has a pier that juts out into the water the way ours does.  Some people think there is a reason for this.

For those who wished there was an observation deck that gave people a view they had never had of the city before.

With the “quick tour” of the pier over people then headed west on the Naval promenade and on to enjoying the festival.

The line-up for today is set out below in two parts.

Events at the pier then take a break while the public officials take the time to formally open the pier.  When the festivities are over take the time to wander back and have a look at the plaque that is set up.  Nice piece of public art.

The Sound of Music Festival schedule shows bands playing while the politicians are giving speeches.  Given that those politician are the people funding parts of the Sound of Music that didn’t look like a wise move to me..

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