Few people turned out for Santa as he toured the Aldershot community; matters of the heart prevailed

News 100 redBy Denis Gibbons

December 20th, 2020


Good reporters don’t give up when the story they were out to cover doesn’t materialize. While driving around looking for Santa, Gibbons found two delightful little stories.  Enjoy!

Gibbons Sants in the truck - close up

Rain didn’t stop Santa – it did keep the public at home.

On a rainy Saturday, Santa Claus found very few children to greet as he made his way through Aldershot on the old Studebaker fire truck.

His tour however, coincided with two charming romantic events.

Ed and Jeanette Younglai got dressed up as if they were going to the altar again as they greeted well-wishers who passed by their Glenwood Avenue home.

Gibbons Dec 19 anniv 2

The Younglais received neighbours and friends on the 50th anniversary of their marriage.

The Younglais, who were born in Trinidad and met in England, renewed their wedding vows on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.

They were married at St. Charles Garnier church in downtown Hamilton in 1970. Father John Sherlock, later to become the Bishop of the Diocese of London, performed the ceremony.

Gibbons Dec 19 engage

Alyssa, centre, celebrates her engagement with her Mother and sister – Santa was nowhere in sight.

Meanwhile, only two blocks away Tanner Gruba and Alyssa Blakey were making their plans to duplicate the Younglais’ achievement of half-a-century together.

Gruba went down on bended knee and proposed to his fiancé while friends toasted them with champagne at a front lawn reception on LaSalle Park Road. Pictured, left to right, are the future bride’s mother Tracey, Alyssa and her sister Kristen.

The poor weather and the disappointing turnout didn’t prevent people from getting out and telling their stories.

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2 comments to Few people turned out for Santa as he toured the Aldershot community; matters of the heart prevailed

  • Ben

    I thought it was a great even though I only caught him in time to see him disappearing down the block. I was unaware that he was going to going by my house and speaking later to children and grand children they too were unawares he was going to be out so were disappointed in missing him. Makes me wonder if the lack of turn out had more to do with awareness than lack of interest.

  • I thought it was delightful. Santa passed by my studio twice. Got out to wave to him on the way back along Spring Gardens Road.