Finally a reason to go to the Farmer’s Market in the downtown core. Province wants you to buy Ontario wines at these markets.

December 16, 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  The provincial government has been popping out media releases faster than most rabbits give birth to little bunnies.  The latest has some interesting potential for the small but growing Farmers’ Market that operates during the warm weather on John Street just in behind Centro.

Imagine – maybe a couple of Ontario wine tasting tables set out at the Downtown Farmer’s Market. Province says it could happen.

The province wants to make it easier for consumers to choose Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) Ontario wine by expanding the LCBO’s new “Our Wine Country” destination boutiques and allowing VQA wines to be sold at farmers’ markets through the renewed Wine and Grape Strategy.

I’m certainly on for easier access to provincially grown grapes and I really like the idea of a couple of those wine tasting stations being set up at an outdoor market.

Is that man on the right about to become the chief sommelier at the Downtown Farmer’s Market next Spring. That would be an achievement.

The province is throwing $75 million at a Wine and Grape Strategy to help the sector grow.  That chunk of change is spread out over five years.  There is going to be a  Wine Secretariat to be a one window point for discussions between the province and industry and identifying ways to reduce red tape to help make grape growers and wineries more competitive.

The winery’s would certainly like the LCBO to be at that window and make their lives a little easier.

Ontario has significant winery developments in the Niagara Peninsula, Prince Edward County and Lake Erie North Shore.

Ontario’s wine and grape industry contributed an estimated $3.3 billion to the province’s economy in 2011.


Chef’s battle it out at Farmer’s Market.

Farmer’s Market move to a Sunday schedule.

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5 comments to Finally a reason to go to the Farmer’s Market in the downtown core. Province wants you to buy Ontario wines at these markets.

  • Pat

    I also want to be able to buy wine when I get gas for the car, just like in the states where they dont make such a big deal out of access to alcohol, and where there is less overall consumption.

    • Roger

      Province has a hard enough time controlling tobbaco sales to minors – are farmers markets going to verify id – as for gas and wine together – not even sure if the 2 should be mixed in the same sales outlet should be considered. I am just concerned – not the sales but ages of majority are enforced.

      • Pat

        I don’t need somebody in the government telling me what I can or cannot do, and when and how to do it. I should also be able to buy wine 24hrs a day, same as milk.

        Our stupid municipal government currently allows the sale of drug paraphernalia in convenience stores and special retail stores. Kids can buy scales, baggies, bongs, whatever else is good for drug use.

        • Roger

          When we need to pass laws for not texting while driving, to wear seatbelts in cars, to not smoke in a car when there are young childen etc – we do not want government to pass laws like this – however there is a percentage of the population that common sense seems to have escaped – in turn – do I want the government dictating common sense – no – however when a percentage of the population can not – the government representing society – must

          • Pat

            Good, then let us first start with getting drug paraphernalia out of corner stores in this city. One government imposed restriction at a time.

            Common sense and government do not get along in the same sentence.