Finally - the facts on the status of the federal riding of Burlington constituency nomination process

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

March 26, 2021



This is a story that has gotten out of hand.

It has to do with a report that Cheryl Craig was nominated as the candidate for the federal Tories.

She has not been nominated.

In fact nominations for the Burlington seat in the House of Commons are still open – a date has not been set for a nomination meeting.

Those are the facts given to us by a senior Conservative Party official.

Cheryl Craig PC candidate federal

Cheryl Craig

We can add to that – three reliable sources in Burlington said they received the email we received that had a picture of Cheryl Craig and a map of the constituency along with background material on Ms Craig.

We got calls from people we trust who said they had been invited to have a telephone conversation with Conservative Party Erin O’Toole.

Others said they had gotten calls asking for donations. Some of these may have been robocalls.

Some have asked that we pull the original story.

We are not going to do that at this point – however we will do so should we hear from Ms Craig telling us that she erred when she sent people the notice or that she was not behind the notice that was sent. We can be reached by email at

Something smells and the odour is not coming from any of the orifices in our body.

We much appreciated the call from an official at the Conservative party in Ottawa.

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1 comment to Finally – the facts on the status of the federal riding of Burlington constituency nomination process

  • Lynn Crosby

    I must say I’m rather baffled by these articles. It seems to me that Ms. Craig is running to win the nomination as the PC candidate for Burlington. Her website makes that very clear since it says “Nomination Candidate seeking to become the Candidate of Record for the Conservative Electoral District of Burlington, ON.” right at the top and since it says “Cheryl Craig, Nomination Candidate” in the heading.

    Residents can always pay a small fee to join a party as members and then get the right to vote for their local nomination candidate or for the leader of the party, if applicable. Sometimes I think parties allow this without charging a fee, though I’m not certain. Citizens can do this whether they support that party or not.

    I recall our last Federal Burlington PC candidate – not fondly. I see nothing wrong with someone letting people know he or she is running for the nomination and asking for support. It benefits all of us to have the best people we can get representing all parties, and people should take an interest in that.

    Unless you have something from Ms. Craig or the party saying she already was selected as the nominee, rather than that she is at this time running for the nomination, I don’t see that there is any controversy here whatsoever and don’t know why this is even a story.