First piece of a pathway-bikeway that will link the west side of the city to the Centennial Trail on the east.

Budget 2017 ICON aaBy Pepper Parr

November 22th, 2016



It’s a quirky little project that will look really nice when completed and serve to let people get across the three block downtown core but it has some entanglements; there is a major pipeline running beneath the path.


A view of what is in place now and what the landscape architects want to space to look like.

The project is included in the Core Commitment Implementation Strategy to improve active transportation in the downtown and enhance pedestrian and cycling connections.


Phase 1 will cover the space between Elizabeth and Pearl Street. It would fit in very nicely with the now under construction Bridgewater development that will soar 22 storeys into the sky.

To be known as the Elgin Street Promenade it will be a pathway/walkway/bike path that will start sort of nowhere and go nowhere but when completed will link two sides of the city.

The drawings the city has provided are attractive enough; when completed it might do something to upgrade the sort of dowdy look the downtown core has.

There are some issues – there is a pipeline beneath the planned route that carries fuel.  That pipe line is tightly tucked beside the Mayrose Tyco building at the top of the Elizabeth Street parking lot – something the city is trying to find something to do with.  It is a piece of prime land that is used to park cars – not really great use of land.

At one point it was tagged as the location for what McMaster was going to bring to the city.  They chose the South Service Road instead.

Village Square, at one point a partnership between the Friedman family and German interests, it is now believed to be controlled by the German partner.  There was a time when the ADI Development Group attempted to negotiate with the Friedman but that didn’t go anywhere.

The first phase of the project will take what is currently a one way street that runs alongside the Martini House and the Poacher will be upgraded to a rather nice part of town that was once the bus depot.


On the east the Promenade gets people to the Centennial Trail. On the west is complete the link that will get people to the planned Beachway Park that is the biggest dream in the eyes of planners at both the city and the Region.

The long term plan should allow people to walk or cycle from the very east end of the city all the way west to the canal.

Bugeted at something in the order of $450,000 your members of Council will decide if this project should be part of the 2017 Capital budget.


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1 comment to First piece of a pathway-bikeway that will link the west side of the city to the Centennial Trail on the east.

  • Jane

    I walk or ride on a a daily basis along the proposed Elgin Street Promenade risking “life and limb” navigating the curbs, parking lots and streets in the area. The City should take money that may be allocated for the proposed New Street bike lane and put it towards completing all 4 phases of the promenade, FINALLY completing the link between the west side of the city and the Centennial Trail.