Fleet of model boats to take to the water on Centennial pond

By Alan Harrington

September 24th, 2021



Spencer Smith Park is a wondrous place that offers a little something for everyone.

Beneath the balcony at Spencer’s Restaurant lies the 10,000 sq ft Centennial Pond.

A model of the Canadian Coat Guard tub Spencer

Not just a reflecting pool, but space that over the past 15 summers has been where model boat displays take place.
Once that pond is filled in June, many RF modellers bring their creations down to get wet.

Some boats are hand-made out of wood, while others are kits with specially designed motors, propellers and electronics.

Everything from tiny pleasure craft to a huge Canadian Coast Guard ship.

There are sailboats, tugboats, fishing boats, navy ships – including a 3 foot black submarine.

Even an old wooden Alligator boat once used for logging in Northern Ontario

Referred to as “Alligator” boats these were used for logging in Northern Ontario

These boats can run from $200 to $1000+ depending on what’s in them and how long they took to build.

Batteries last about 30 minutes to an hour and they are controlled remotely with an RF handset.

The modellers are from Burlington and Hamilton and as far away as Mississauga.

The little boats are quite amusing and many people enjoy sitting by the pond to watch their interplay among the waves.

As the pleasant summer fades away and it gets darker earlier, there is one last show where the boats are lit up.

Last night was the night when about 18 model boats got dressed up with all-lights-a blazing to ply the waters.

The model boat fleet on the Centennial Pond water – drop by – the kids will love it.

One was a rowboat complete with a tiny yellow rower in a raincoat pulling on the oars.

Tug boat with the city flag

Spencer Smith Park is the ONLY place around this area with a suitable outdoor pond.

The boaters still come out until the day the pond is drained (ready to become an ice rink) so you may still be able to drop by and watch.

Anyone can bring their own boats down but be cautious of speedboats.

The boaters respect each other’s space and sometimes the boats do get close together.

Drop by this weekend.

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2 comments to Fleet of model boats to take to the water on Centennial pond

  • Merlin_Senior

    Nice to see a lighthearted positive article these days.

    BTW, Spencer, the Canadian Coast Guard tugboat illustrated, is not a true reproduction of a real CCG vessel. The CCG does not have any tugboats in it’s fleet, Spencer is based on a model kit of a working tugboat and is finished with CCG standard signage and colors and has been on patrol at the pond for 11 summers and hopefully many more.

    #ccgspencer on Instagram


    This is the Rotary Centennial Pond