Flood relief at 38% of $2 million target. Are there other major donours in the wings?

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October 16, 2014



The Flood Relief fund got boosted by $25,000 last week when Longos came through with a cheque for $25,000. That took the total to the 38% point of the $2 million target that fund raising director Ron Foxcroft said he wanted collected within 100 days which is November 15.

The Burlington Community Foundation Flood Disaster Relief Committee announced it has selected Cunningham Lindsay Canada Claims Services Ltd. as the insurance adjuster to coordinate the claims disbursement process. Since the Application for Losses and Damages became available on September 30th, approximately 20 claims have been filed with the Committee.

Longos donation

From the left: Gus Longo, Laurie-Ann Correia, Colleen Mulholland, , Rosanne Longo, Eleanor McMahon, Burlington MP and Liz Volk

“We are moving forward with our efforts to coordinate the claims process to ensure we can soon start dispersing funds to flood victims who need it most,” says Colleen Mulholland, President and CEO of the Burlington Community Foundation. “In addition we are highly focused on seeking clarity regarding the Ontario government’s position on the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program (ODRAP) and continuing our efforts to raise funds for the remainder of the 100 day fundraising campaign.”

Put another way Ms Mulholland is asking: Where’s your part of this effort Minister McMeekin ?

The provincial ODRAP program allows the province to give $2 for every dollar raised locally – and much of Burlington has come through in a major way.

Where’s your part of this effort Minister McMeekin ?The Claims Committee will work closely with Cunningham Lindsay to assist those who need help completing the Application for Losses and Damages paperwork. Flood victims who are uninsured or under-insured need to fill out the appropriate forms and submit them to the Claims Committee for review.

“We are committed to helping anyone who needs assistance completing the forms and encourage those folks to connect with the BCF office by phone or email,” says Mulholland. “We are also planning Town Hall meetings in early November to offer assistance and answer any questions that flood victims may have.”

As of noon today, the Burlington Community Foundation Flood Disaster Relief Committee has raised $760,000 in cash.

“Our 100 day fundraising campaign is running until November 14th and the Committee and countless dedicated volunteers are leaving no stone unturned,” says Ron Foxcroft, Chair, BCF Flood Disaster Relief Committee. ”We also hope to fully understand how the Ontario government will support the tremendous efforts of our community who have opened their wallets and hearts to supBurlingtonians will be asked if they wan to add a twoonie to their shopping total while in front of the cashier at Fortinos and Longo’s in the coming weeks.port those victims who are still suffering from the August 4th flood.”

Burlingtonians can expect to be asked to make a small donation to flood relief when they shop at Fortinos and Longo’s in the coming weeks. About 75 other retailers throughout the city also have coin boxes at their cash. The Burlington Sports Alliance is also organizing fundraising efforts and has established a Burlington Flood Relief Fund bank account which can be accessed at any CIBC branch.

“While we still have a lot of fundraising activities on the go we also recognize there are many other important fundraising initiatives competing for much needed charitable donations,” says Foxcroft. “Our team is working tremendously hard and the good residents and businesses of Burlington continue to step up.”

For those who want a copy of the Application for Losses and Damages CLICK Here,
or call: (905) 639-0744 ext 221

More donors are encouraged to continue supporting the campaign by:

Cheque – make cheques out to “Burlington Community Foundation” with a memo reference to Flood Relief Campaign – mail or drop off at Burlington Community Foundation, 3380 South Service Road, Unit 107, Burlington, Ontario, L7N 3J5

On-line donations – Go to and click on the DONATE NOW button. 


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