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News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

August 31stt, 2018



The rule is – you follow the money and you connect the dots.

And follow the facts:

In a statement sent to Meed Ward on behalf of Campaign Research lawyer Evan Presvelos said, “We vehemently contest your characterization of the subject statements as ‘defamatory.'”

“He also said the poll was conducted for “another market research firm, whose identity we cannot disclose due to confidentiality.”

Rendering with Qn Head on the right.

A rendering of the development Reserve Properties wants to build on the SE corner of Brant and James – across the street from city hall.

Reserve Properties has options on a number of options on Brant Street land. The development Reserve took to the Planning department for a 24 storey condominium was turned down.  Staff recommended 17 storeys.

Reserve has appealed that decision to the Land Planning Act Tribunal.

KG&A announced recently that Reserve Properties had become a new client.  An entry on the KG&A web site states:

“KG&A is an award-winning communications strategy firm.

“Over the last decade we’ve earned a reputation as one of the only in Canada specializing in the urban landscape.

“Our approach is unique. We’re research obsessed media junkies with backgrounds in journalism, digital media, brand strategy and event programming.

“And we believe that strategy should be invisible – that’s why we’re the award-winning firm you’ve never heard of.”

Sheldon Fenton

Sheldon Fenton, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Reserve Properties

Sheldon Fenton, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Reserve Properties. A lawyer by profession, Sheldon launched his career at a top tier Toronto law firm specializing in corporate and real estate law.

A role at CIBC followed with a deep focus on strategic financing and institutional problem-solving. It is this entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving combined with an unwavering passion for real estate development that has helped Reserve’s portfolio grow exponentially. Since it’s inception the company’s real estate activities have included more than 8,000 residences, office and retail developments, hotels and retirement communities across North America.

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6 comments to Follow the dots –

  • Pam Casey

    You make a lot of assumptions in this article and i prefer the facts. the media’s job it appears is to make a mountain out of a mole hill and cause this to be blown up more than necessary. The authorities will figure out the culprit. And now back to the election of which we have 4 candidates running for mayor.

    • Oxy Moron

      How do you know the “authorities will figure out the culprit”? Has the OPP or any other law enforcement group announced this? Without the exposure by the press, this sordid incident would simply slither away.

  • Diane

    Susan, try entering your Name in the appropriate field first. When I tried Burlington in the name field first I received the same message; however, it looked up my information correctly when I changed the sequence. It then gave me the option to add other family members if desired.

  • Susan L.

    Another way to manipulate election outcomes is to play with the voters list. So I thought I’d just check to see if I was still on the Voter’s list.

    I went to the City of Burlington’s Voter’s List, and I was redirected to Voter Look up,

    When I typed in “Burlington”, I got a message saying, “ is no longer collecting or confirming information for the 2018 municipal and school board elections for this municipality. Please contact your local Municipal Clerk’s office to confirm your name is included on the 2018 Municipal Voters’ List.
    Municipality/DSSAB: BURLINGTON
    Address: 426 Brant St. P.O. Box 5013 L7R 3Z6
    Web Address (URL):
    Contact Name: Lisa Palermo
    Telephone: (905) 335-7600 EXT: 7381

    Voter Lookup then referred me back to where I started and I found myself on a merry-go-round.

  • Perry Bowker

    Re: Connecting the dots:
    Here’s an hypothesis: Suppose you are a developer who always budgets some money at election time to buy the support of a politician or two, but now such donations are prohibited? What to do with that money? Say – why not hire a “Marketing Firm” who might hire a Dirty Tricks team to disparage any candidates for office that might be troublesome in the future?
    Now an hypothesis is only as good as the experiment which can verify it. So here’s an idea: What if the candidates for office next month were to state one way or another if they intend to fiercely uphold the provisions of the Official Plan (old or new) and zoning? (Current mayor would not have credibility in this regard, but others might).This might bring the wrath of a “Marketing Firm” down on them as well. Free publicity! And with luck one of these attacks might cross the line far enough that a legal case could be triggered, requiring subpoenas to reveal the perpetrator(s).
    Just sayin’.

  • Hans

    Re: “….the poll was conducted for “another market research firm, whose identity we cannot disclose due to confidentiality…”
    That statement doesn’t pass the smell test; what could that other firm be afraid of?