Food Bank volunteers get a treat from the people at the Wellington Square Meals program

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August 13th, 2020



Robin Bailey, Executive Director of the Burlington Food Bank, does a two-minute You Tube broadcast almost every day of the week to talk about the things people have to do to stay healthy – Eating the right kind of food regularly has been his theme for the past month.

Robin is in the food business – collecting it through donations and buying whatever is not donated so that the people in Burlington who need food have a place to go.

There are a lot of people not able to work due to COVID. Those who are self-isolating need someone to go out and buy food for then or have food delivered to them.

Robin is on the delivery side of that equation.

Bailey Robin with Wellington Sq treat

Cookie treat from the Wellington Square Meals program to the volunteers at the Food Bank

Bailey points out that “One of the adverse effects of the covid crisis is the financial stress that most of us are feeling and that’s not good for your body overall. We need to eat healthy right now and we are proud to be able to produce and provide fresh healthy food choices. We receive fresh produce from our garden and from the community as well as purchasing fresh food. We also have protein options we can add to your support. Stress causes us to make unhealthy choices and financial stress may cause you to skip meals so we try to get everyone to ask for the support they need.”

Some of that food, not necessarily healthy got delivered to the Food Bank from one of their clients – the Wellington Square Meals program sent over small cookie bags to thank the Food Bank for their support.

“If you are in need or know of someone who could use our help PLEASE have them email us at or call 905-637-2273 to make arrangements to have food dropped at their door or they can now pick it up. If you live in Burlington, we are here to help.”

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1 comment to Food Bank volunteers get a treat from the people at the Wellington Square Meals program

  • Judy christie

    Harrah for the food bank and wellington square meals. Both do so much for the needs of our communities. Maybe the towing co. at No Frills Shopping Plaza would like to donate $300.– x ? to help these people!!