Forest Glen Avenue and Shadeland Avenue - Resurfacing and Reconstruction

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July 15, 2015


King Paving & Construction has been awarded the Forest Glen and Shadeland Avenue Resurfacing and Reconstruction project.

Shadeland cotructionProject limits are as shown in the attached map.

Road/Lane Closures

Throughout the project, the traffic will be restricted to local traffic only. Every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum. Construction signs will be posted and the site will be barricaded.

Please exercise caution and obey all signs placed for your safety.

Preliminary work is scheduled to begin early July and will continue through to the end of September.

The work includes:
Forest Glen Ave & Shadeland Ave
• Road reconstruction includes storm sewer and curb and gutters from Northshore to approx 300m north.
• Remainder of the roadway (to Townsend) is resurfacing only.
Ascot Place
• Road resurfacing with culverts installation in various locations
Vehicle access to and from your properties may at times be difficult, additionally; driveways will be temporarily closed when work is being carried out in the immediate vicinity. Either the inspector or the contractor will notify you of access interruptions prior to the closure.

Parking on the street

For the duration of the construction, on-street parking will be relaxed for the “5 hour limit and overnight between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.” in your area, when your driveway is not accessible or if the street is closed. However, vehicles will be subject to enforcement of all other parking offences where:

• Signs are posted, i.e. prohibited parking, prohibited stopping, etc
• Signs are not posted, i.e. obstructing sidewalks, facing the wrong way, parked within 3 meters of a fire hydrant, etc

Please continue to put your garbage and recycling out on the usual day. It is the contractor’s responsibility to move your garbage to a location that it can be accessed by the garbage truck and return your garbage containers. In order to help the contractor we would ask that you indicate, on you garbage cans and recycling bins, your house numbers.

Lawn Irrigation Systems
If you have a lawn irrigation system, we recommend you disconnect and remove any sprinkler heads within the City’s road allowance. As well, please have your system flagged that is near and City road works.

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