Former Mayor, former city General Manager and a former Council member couldn't shake the city hall bug - became journalists.

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February 9th, 2021



local news logoThere is another on-line news source in town.

It’s been around for a number of months.

People we talk to regularly tell us that they don’t communicate that well.  Email sent to the local news doesn’t always get a response or if there is a response, there is no detail.

Rick Craven

Former ward 1 city councillor Rick Craven covers city hall with a focus on Aldershot.

Phillips made is clkear to council that absolute clarity was needed by both staff and the BPAC administration on what was meant by "sustainability".

Kim Phillips, at one time was City Clerk and moved up to serve as a General Manager. She took retirement when Jeff Fielding was City Manager – the chemistry between the two was never very good.

Right now former Councillor Rick Craven and former City General Manager Kim Phillips have been contributors.

The owner hasn’t, to the best of our knowledge, hasn’t written a word.

The web site was registered in July of this year by former Mayor Rick Goldring.

Many thought that Goldring had returned to his financial management routes and was putting together a client list.

It appears that he has found an interest in journalism – but you won’t see his name anywhere on the web site.

Not a word on who owns what is known as

The fact that Goldring registered the site does not mean he is the beneficial owner. We will track down the corporate records for Inc., and find out who the directors are.

There are some administrative issues with the site.

One reader advised us that the Twitter feed for the site has been suspended.

new tweet account

Twitter account for the local news was suspended.

“Go onto the website, click on twitter symbol
I get:”

Account suspended
Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules.

There are a reported 24 followers on the Facebook page.

We can remember when the Gazette got as few as 500 readers in a day; hang in, stay patient, deliver value to your readers and be transparent.

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1 comment to Former Mayor, former city General Manager and a former Council member couldn’t shake the city hall bug – became journalists.

  • Somewhat sneaky they don’t tell more about who they are and background? But they want to hear from us.

    Their twitter is suspended for violating rules.

    Facebook has 14 followers.

    I guess Rick Craven and Kim Phillips didn’t ride off into the sunset!