Forty years of continuous service to a camera club that went on to become a Guild and part of the Burlington Art Centre.

By Jim Hamilton and Frank Myers

BURLINGTON, ON  February 18, 2013  In the spring of 1973, Bill Warren joined a new camera club being started in Burlington. The group,  named the Latow Camera Club, met once a month in the general meeting room on the second floor of the Burlington Mall.  Latow was understood to be a native word meaning ‘beam of light’.

Latow Photographers Guild President Tom Stephens congratulates Bill Warren on 40 years of continuous and outstanding service.

That was forty years ago and Bill Warren is still an active member – 40 years of continuous membership is quite an accomplishment.  However, Bill has not just been a passive member of the club; he has been a very active and key member of the Latow Photographers Guild for that whole time.

Over the years, Bill has mentored many Latow members.  He has served in executive and committee positions and was President for two separate terms.  Due to his love of black and white printing, the darkroom has been one of Bill’s favourites.  He has either obtained donations or built much of the equipment in those facilities and he has looked after its maintenance for years.

It was Bill’s idea to hold an annual photography seminar, an event that has made the Latow Photographers Guild known not only in Ontario but in New York and Quebec. He has served as its Chairman and did practically everything from obtaining speakers to almost single-handedly managing the event for many years.

It is this annual event that continues to fund much of the photographic equipment enjoyed at Latow today.

Bill was recognized a few years ago for some of his service to the community and participation in photography by being voted as Burlington’s Art Person of the Year.  However, Latow had never really officially honoured Bill to the extent he deserves, so it was felt that Bill’s fortieth year of continuous participation and service in the club was the right time.

In the back row from left to right:  David Craig – President 1976 – 79, Bill Shotton – President 1996 – 97,  Johan Wigt – President 1985 – 86,   Peter Young – President 2001 – 02, Joh Friedrich – President – 2005 – 07,  Tom Stephens – President 2011 – 13,  David Gruggen – President 1986 – 88,  Arnold Koopman – President 1973 – 74,  Jim Hamilton – President 1988 – 90,  Toni Browning – President 2002 – 04 & 2009 – 11,  Brian Hickey (never has been President but “old-time” member).  In the front row middle:  Bill Warren – President 1979 – 81 & 1992 – 94 

At Latow’s  monthly general meeting recently , the club made a presentation to Bill and announced the naming of the Burlington Art Centre’s darkroom and finishing room area “The W.J. (Bill) Warren Darkroom and Finishing Room”. Fifteen former Presidents attended to share in the occasion to honour Bill’s contributions.

Latow President Tom Stephens says, “There is no one who has been more giving of his time or has promoted Latow to a greater extent over the years than Bill Warren.  We’re very pleased that he continues to volunteer for many duties in service of Latow, even today.” In typically modest fashion, Bill replies that he feels he is the one who benefits from volunteering because he derives so much pleasure from it.

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1 comment to Forty years of continuous service to a camera club that went on to become a Guild and part of the Burlington Art Centre.

  • Hans and Ingrid Thamhain

    Congratulations to Bill Warren on his honorable recognition. As longtime friends of Bill, we had the pleasure of enjoying many of his photographic artworks and presentations. We are delighted to see him being recognized by the Burlington community.

    Hans and Ingrid Thamhain
    Framingham, Massachusetts