Foundation now manages $10.7 million; provides grants to 53 local organizations

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July 20th, 2016



How many association annual reports have you read? I mean read completely?

Pretty boring – but the things have to get put together voted on and filed.

The Burlington Foundation, which you once knew as the Burlington Community Foundation – quite why they took the word community out of their corporate name is beyond us – everything they do is community based.

The new name has an attractive corporate logo – what is really interesting is the way they set out the data points on what they have done in their annual report.

Imaginative, very visual and you know in an instant what they have done.

The work of the Foundation is broken out as funds they manage and funds they pass along to the community.
There are families in the community that have donated large sums that they want to see invested and the proceeds of the investments distributed to community groups.  There are now a total of 79 funds.  Most of the people who create an endowment do so in the name of a family member.

The funds are professionally managed and overseen by a Foundation Board committee.

Funds they manage.


What they do with the funds they raise.

Using the fundsA new endowment fund was created that will focus on Mental Wellness.  It was started with a $100,000 opening gift from  Dan Noonan of Argosy Securities.

Vital Signs is the wide-ranging and in-depth report on the  community and the challenges it faces now, and in the years ahead.

It is an important reference tool that focuses on the most critical areas that define the community. Built upon independent research, it is  used by people, agencies and corporations to understand areas of opportunity across our city.

The comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research that goes into ongoing Vital Signs research plays a key role in enabling the Foundation to focus on granting programs that meet some of the areas of need that were uncovered.


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