Four Irish revelers didn't get to complete their drive home - Police cracked down.

Crime 100By Staff

March 18, 2016


Some St. Patrick’s Day revelers didn’t get the message – park the car and find alternate transportation to get home.

Last night the Halton Police arrested four (4) drivers for alcohol related driving offences.


Police doing RIDE checks – four Irish wanna bes didn’t get to complete the drive home.

Police conducted R.I.D.E. checks in various locations throughout the Region, resulting in:

1164 vehicles stopped
34 drivers tested at the roadside for alcohol
3 drivers arrested for Over 80
1 driver arrested for refusing to provide a sample

The four drivers arrested were charged with criminal offences, had their licences suspended for 90 days and their vehicles impounded for 72 hours.

Ouch – and they have yet to hear from their insurance company. How did they explain the behaviour to their friends, family and their children.

The Halton Regional Police Service offers a sincere thanks to all those who celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and chose to be responsible and not drink and drive.

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