Free Menstrual Products in 90 Public Washrooms

By Staff

March 30th, 2022



This was a good decision – one of those “about time” things.

Olivia on the left and Iman on the right..

The credit for this belongs to the two woman who delegated so very well at city council.

The result of their delegation is:

Free menstrual product pilot project in Burlington’s public washrooms

The City of Burlington will begin offering free menstrual products in 90 public washrooms throughout 19 City recreational facilities, including City Hall as a pilot project for the remainder of 2022.

City staff will monitor usage and engage feedback from users and report back to City Council later this year.

Through extensive research, data collection, done by the Pink Project who collaborated with the city municipalities, school boards, local institutions will be providing free menstrual hygiene products in public washrooms.

These products are now considered as essential to the community as offering toilet paper, soap and paper towels.

Early in 2023 the data collected on the take up of the products will be evaluated and a decision will be made to make the service something that the city just does.

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1 comment to Free Menstrual Products in 90 Public Washrooms

  • Dave writing, visited Spencer Smith male washrooms today and thought I had the wrong washroom as there were tampons and sanitary towels spread out for the taking. After confirming by taking a look at the outside door that I was in the male washroom I went to the adjoining office and asked the girls if they were aware of that and one of them said No, that is a city issue, but they would take care of it……. you never know what you will come across in the men`s washroom! The plan itself is a good one but hopefully the products will get to those that need them.