Freeman schedule

By Staff

May 6th, 2022



With life getting back to normal you will want to know what is open and what the hours are.

The Freeman Station on Fairview has become a go to place, especially for parents with children who want to take them to places that are fun.

The display in the basement of the building, called a diorama, tells the story and the roll rail played in the city’s growth.

Parents will learn even more than the kids.

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The model set up in the basement of Freeman Station

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1 comment to Freeman schedule: this is a not to be missed destination.

  • Bev Jacobs

    Congratulations and thank you for the wonderful opportunity to see this major transformation of Freeman Station. I sincerely hope every citizen has the opportunity to view this heritage display. A very special thank you to the men and women who worked so hard to restore this landmark in our Community. Just goes to show what volunteers can do.