Friends of Freeman station get an adjustment – they would like you to tie one on as well.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON.  March 1, 2013  The Committee of Adjustment approved several variances for the Ashland property on Fairview Street next to the central fire station, which will allow Friends of Freeman Station to move the historic station there this spring.

The variances were to allow: a one-storey building on a property zoned for a minimum of two storeys; a larger setback from the street; a smaller floor ratio; six parking spaces rather than one per four person capacity; no landscaping abutting the street; and parking access via the fire station entrance.

Peter Thoem, a former Ward 2 council member and now in what defeated council members call heaven – Committee of Adjustment to the rest of us, was heard to have said “there is a lot of my blood in that station” as he voted to approve the small adjustments the FoFS were seeking.

The decision clears the way for Friends of Freeman Station (FOFS) to apply for a building permit.  In the meantime plans are underway to stabilize the station at its current location prior to a spring move. Architectural and engineering drawings are almost completed and will be submitted to the City for approval before work begins.

Part of the crew that got the Freeman Station to the point where they can now apply for their building permit and then move the structure to what will be its new home for the next half-dozen years or so. John Mellow, shown here talking to the Mayor.  On the far right Reg Cooke.  In between is Ron Steiginga , the man at city hall who stick handled all the paper work between the city and a multinational corporation located in Burlington that owns the land.

“We’ve been successful in getting the approval for the variances in large part thanks to the many hours volunteered by Mr. Tony Millington of Millington Associates, planning consultant,” said James Smith, FOFS President. “Without Tony’s participation we would still be wading through the approval process. Many other volunteers have helped manoeuvre our process through the hoops, notably Vice President Brian Aasgaard and Restoration Chair John Mellow. We are also grateful to all the City staff who guided us through the process. This brings moving and restoring Freeman Station that much closer to reality, ” said Smith

This certificate will show that you helped move the Freeman Station – six feet at a time – to its new location.

Community members who would like to contribute to the move can now have an opportunity to take part in a unique way.  For the princely sum of $20 you can help move the station 6 inches?  Why six inches?  That is the distance between two railway ties.

Annual memberships are available for $10 and include a souvenir train ticket membership card. Those who have purchased a membership in the past are encouraged to renew for 2013 – this year will be a big year for the station!

Cheques can be mailed to The Friends of Freeman Station, 3023 New Street, P.O. Box 91536, Roseland Plaza, Burlington, ON, L7R 4L6

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