Gazette to put election results on-line - available seconds after count is completed. We will be as current as the CBC - and local, local, local.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr, Publisher, Burlington Gazette

October 19th, 2014



Early next week all of the homes south of Dundas in Burlington will see a small flyer in their mail boxes. It will be the first piece of direct promotion the Gazette has done since its inception four years ago.

The flyer announces the posting of real time election results on the front page of the Gazette on October 27th just as soon as the polls close.

Election flyer side 1 Results

Gazette’s first piece of promotional material.

Burlingtonians will be able to go to the Gazette web site and see what the most recent results are for the office of Mayor and the six council members.

We will not be posting the results for the Regional chair – while there are other people running for that office – it is evident that Gary Carr will be returned.

We will not be posting the results of the trustees for either the Halton District School Board or the Halton Catholic District School Board.

The Gazette is a not for profit organization – w do not have a revenue stream. The expenses to date have come out of our pockets and there is only so much time and financial resources available to us.
We will be doing on going news coverage and the results will be available once the school board trustee winners are known.

Our flyer – which measures 6 x 9 inches has, like every other piece of paper, two sides. We didn’t need both sides of the flyer – so we sold side two. Because our part of the flyer is about election results we had no problem with an individual running for office using side two.

Election flyer sid2 2 Rusin

Sharing the space on a piece of promotional material should not be seen as an endorsement of the candidate.

Our accepting an advertisement from a candidate for the office of Mayor is certainly not an endorsement. If Peter Rusin should win the mayors chair it will be because he did it on merit.

Rusin needed name exposure – the flyer is going to get to every home south of Dundas – that’s exposure.

Why not north of Dundas? There wasn’t enough time to get the flyers into production and into the hands of the distribution company in time for the scheduled delivery.

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4 comments to Gazette to put election results on-line – available seconds after count is completed. We will be as current as the CBC – and local, local, local.

  • Enid

    Actually, you DID knowingly permit this…the simple alternative would have been to temporarily shut down the site until the issue was remedied. You are way off base on this one Mr. Parr. I might also say that your last comment speaks volumes as to your level of civility…all class!

    Editors note: Less than 2% of the people who access the site do so with Android driven devices. If exchanging views is a problem for you there isn’t much I can add.

    We had three people bring the problem to our attention – one provided the solution. The only actual complaint came from you. These things happen.

  • I will be out of town and getting my updates and voting news from this site…… Thanks Pepper!

  • tenni

    I agree. Great coverage of the local scene.

  • Your coverage of our local civic election activity has been stellar! Much of the information you have been providing is not available anywhere else. I will definitely be “tuned in” to the Gazette election night!