Get the creative juices flowing; take in lunch, meet colleagues you`ve not seen and get a sense of the pace of business.

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BURLINGTON, ON  October 31, 2011  It`s business, paying the bills, trying to keep the wolves from the door and see something in the way of a profit at the end of the year.  Just business?  It doesn`t quite work that way.  Every day a retailer, a supermarket manager, an advertising executive – even accountants and lawyers, look for ways to be more creative in the way they offer and deliver their services and work at differentiating themselves from the other guy.  Those ideas just don`t fall off the back of a truck.

It is how one can go about generating the creative idea, the significantly different promotional idea – 10% off just doesn`t cut it anymore – not when you`re up against a WagJag offer of 65% off.  When your competitor does something like that he`s stealing your lunch and going hungry at the same time.

So where do the new creative ideas come from?  What do you do to get the creative juices flowing ?  Gerry Visca is going to talk to business people at the Mayor’s Networking Luncheon Series, Connect-Collaborate-Create, put on by the Burlington Economic Development Corporation this Thursday, November 3rd, at the Burlington Convention Centre.  Visca`s presentation will focus on  unleashing your creative potential.  Gerry engages the audience with his 10 creative laws designed to help teams reach a new level of magnificence.  An inspirational delivery on how to uncover your company’s unique ability and stand out in the marketplace.

Gerry Visca has launched more than 1000 promotional campaigns and will get your creative juices flowing.

Cultivating creativity in business uses the power of creativity and collaboration to strengthen innovation.  In this presentation, Gerry masterfully combines insightful case studies featuring some of the top innovative companies and their unique approach towards driving innovation.   Gerry engages the audience to push the envelope as to what is possible for them and uncover innovation within multiple levels of their organization by cultivating a creative and collaborative internal culture.

As the President of Redchair Branding, Gerry Visca is regarded internationally as Canada’s Creative Coach and creatively inspires people and ideas to action. Gerry Visca is one of the most diversified Creative Directors in Canada with over 15 years of experience:

Visca was originally trained and educated in architecture.  In 1999 he moved into selling ideas and the potential an idea has to significantly change the way a company attracts, engages and interacts with its clients.. Visca has launched over 1,000 marketing campaigns and captured several international branding awards. He has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and made several TV appearances including CBC Fortune Hunters and is also being considered as a new TV show co-host.

Every business, every business leader needs to get the creative juices refreshed.  Taking in events like this are cheaper than buying a couple of books you probably won`t finish reading.  Lunch and a chance to pick up some ideas and meet with colleagues you`ve not seen for awhile – $65.  Tough deal to beat.  Register at

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