Giving it your best shot takes on a whole new meaning for the ONE event being held for Breast Cancer Support Services.

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BURLINGTON, ON.  March 4, 2013   Here’s a different one for you.  A group is putting on an event for a local charity,  Breast Cancer Support Services.  The city certainly has its share of charity events.

But this one is different with a unique angle.

Kimberly Neale, a young go-getter we met some time back, had created a service for people with more money than time.  She called her business “I’m On It” and was available to do things that called for promptness and quick thinking.

We got this media release from her yesterday.  What the group she is part of has come up with is a photo session that has a local model posing for 12 different photographers.  The concept came from Derrick Van Der Kolk  who pulled together a group of photographers who would be given a camera, a roll of colour film, a couple of props and a model to photograph.  The photographers would all use the same studio and have one hour to complete their shoot.

A simple naturally lit setting for the twelve photographers taking part in the ONE event. The setting along with a pink boa, a pink mask and a pink scarf was all each photographer had to work with. They all had to use the Hasselblad camera with Fuji colour film that will be developed and mounted by a professional film processing company.

The camera – a Hasselblad – not too shabby – and 120 Fuji Colour film with an ISO of 400 would be used in the warehouse space using the same the same props: a pink boa, a mask and a pink ribbon.

That’s it.  There is also a make-up artist,  Courtney Nevins available to the photographers.

The studio space they used offered some interesting lighting opportunities.  It sounded interesting.

“I hope this email finds you well” said Kimberly Neale in the email she sent us. “I wanted to let you know about a unique charity event taking place at Spencer’s at the Waterfront in Burlington March 28th to help support Breast Cancer Support Services.  Now the relevance of the pink scarf became evident.

We gave Kimberly as call and learned more.  The 12 photographers were chosen a couple of months ago by Derrick Van Der Kolk .

The photographers were given the film and camera – Fuji Colour film (ISO400) – that’s about all there is in terms of colour film – yes film – not digital.  Kodachrome  bit the dust about a year ago.

Each photographer’s ONE best shot will be showcased, displayed and will appear anonymous at the Gala event March 28th at Spencer’s on the Waterfront.  Each photograph will be framed in the same manner.  The film will be processed with no retouching and of course no Photo Shopping – this is real film, the old stuff, the original stuff.  The photographers will use 120 film – didn’t know they still made the stuff.

Each print will be blown up to 36 x 36 inches and then framed.

The prints will be judged and then sold at the March 28th event.

ONE will feature the creative talent of 12 photographers and showcase the artistry of film photography while raising funds for an amazing, local charity.

The showing of the photographs is the culmination of the event.   At the final event on March 28, 2013, at Spencer’s, where each photographer’s ONE best shot will be showcased and displayed. Photo Media Décor is doing the framing with World of Lighting  putting just the right amount of spotlights on the pictures to show them all at their very best once they are hung. The photographs will not have the names of the photographers on them.  Three judges will then declare the winning photo. Traditional film photography will be used and photos will not be altered after the development process.  Film processing is being done by  Duncan & Wright.  At the conclusion of the voting, the winner is announced and a silent auction will be held for each photo with all the money raised going to Breast Cancer Support Services.

This is a ONE of a kind event taking place in a beautiful location, featuring the artistic abilities of talented, local photographers!

Kimberly tells, in a breathless voice that their “Facebook page has reached 78,463 people in just ONE month and we continue to see this number rise.”

Almost too much – but it in an interesting take on modern photography.

The idea came out of three minds that managed to meet. Derrick Van Der Kolk came up with the concept and recruited Neale and Chris Sakai (Sakai Promotions) to assist with organizing, hosting and promoting the event.

ONE was created to bring the true art of true photography back in to the forefront.  As a talented and  passionate photographer, Derrick wanted to give photographers a platform / competition where the true skills that a group of photographers could be challenged.

The twelve chosen include both professionals and amateurs and one as young as fourteen.

“Van Der Kolk had the idea but he needed help in promoting and getting it to actually happen. He approached us with his idea and how to bring this to life.  The three of us saw an incredible opportunity to tie it all together; creative art (showing local talent), local charity and an opportunity to showcase / promote local businesses – community, art and business all in one location”, says Kimberly. The venue, the Discovery room at Spencer’s, is as good as it  gets. The Killin’ Time Band playing an acoustic set will be there as well!

Tickets are only $25.00 online / $30.00 at the door and can be purchased on the website or by emailing

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