Governance training for the not for profit sector being offered by Community Development Halton.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

March 7th, 2019



Governance and the not for profit sector are not always that comfortable with each other.

Vision graphicThere are a number, far too many, organizations that are incorporated as not for profit corporations that has little, if any, understanding of just what the Directors are supposed to do and what they are not supposed to do.

We could use all our fingers to count off the organizations that are a mess when it comes to the quality of the work their Directors do.

Conflicts of interest and the tendency to get into the weeds of the organization.

Policy is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, operations is the responsibility of the Executive Director who is chosen by and reports to the Board.

Community Development Halton (CDH) has put together a half day course that every Director of a not for profit organization should be required to take.

The United Way funds many of the not for profits’ – they should make the receiving of any funding dependent on every Board member having been trained as a Director.

The Regional government should take the same position.

The wider community will be better served if these Directors are trained.

A brief description of what the CDH is offering:

GovernanceThis class will provide an overview of the role, scope of responsibilities, and understanding of key elements shaping the effectiveness of Boards of Directors in the not for profit sector.

Focused particularly on people who are new or considering becoming a Board member, the session will also serve as a “refresher” for those with experience on Boards and senior staff who are charged with providing support to the Board.

Facilitator: JODY ORR, runs the Chrysalis Group and has an extensive background working in and with the not for profit sector. She has a Master’s degree in Sociology and is a founding principal in an organizational and community development consulting firm.

time - dateJody worked for 17 years in the not for profit sector and has, since striking out on her own, supported not for profits, big and small, with a major emphasis on building capacity in a variety of areas, including effective governance. She was the lead staff person in two large voluntary social planning organizations and a Board member and President of a variety of not for profits.

She also is the Coordinator of the Halton Not for profit network.


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