Green Party announces their candidate for the federal election they suggest could be called next week.

By Staff

August 10th, 2021



The Burlington Federal Green Party Association is pleased to announce that Christian Cullis will be the Green Party’s candidate for Burlington in the next federal election. In a membership vote last month, Christian was elected as the party’s standard bearer for a widely anticipated federal election that could be called as early as this week.

“I’m honoured to have earned the support of my fellow Greens for the next election,” Cullis said. “We’ve seen many records broken the last few years in Canada, none of them good – hottest temperatures, unprecedented numbers of forest fires, extreme storms and flooding, worsening air quality, and Canada continuing to be one of the top ten global emitters of GHGs. We can do so much better than we have on climate change, and I believe that’s what Burlingtonians want.”

Christian Cullis will be the Green Party’s candidate for Burlington

Cullis is an Aldershot resident who graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton in 2016 with a B.A. in Political Science, and a Masters in International Relations. He grew up in Burlington just a few blocks away from the world-famous Royal Botanical Gardens, and holds protecting Burlington’s spectacular natural beauty as one of his core values. Christian’s passion for climate action has seen him volunteer with activist organizations such as Extinction Rebellion, which focuses on increasing awareness and engagement by Canadian youth on voting and climate change. During the pandemic, he has been employed as a landscaper, and prior taught students English in South Korea and tutored after school here in Burlington.

Now focused on representing Greens in Burlington, Cullis promises to run a full campaign. “Climate change is the most critical issue for my generation and for our collective future,” he asserts. “We can’t afford half-measures or government backsliding anymore, and that will be my message on the debate stage and on the doorstep. The Green Party offers a robust and practical climate policy to meet Canada’s emissions targets, but we are much more than a one-issue party. We have real solutions to the other crises Canada faces, such as housing affordability, spiralling income inequality, the impact of the pandemic on Canadians, or the stuttering pace of Canada’s reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. I’m looking forward to offering Burlingtonians who want real action on these issues an opportunity to mark their ballot with confidence for the Green Party in the next election.”

Christian Cullis invites all Burlingtonians to reach out and get involved by contacting for volunteer, donation, and platform inquiries.


We will learn more about Mr Cullis when there is an opportunity to interview him.

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