Halton Police Board appoints a Chief Governance Officer

By Pepper Parr

July 27th, 2021



The Halton Police Services Board wants to ensure that policing is aligned with the community’s evolving needs, values and expectations; to that end they have created the role of Chief Governance Officer, or ‘CGO’.

Fred Kaustinen first Chief Governance Officer for the Halton Police Service Board.

It is part of Halton Police Board’s comprehensive board-modernization initiative.

The CGO will help modernize the Board’s policies and plans, create a new reporting and evaluation system, and develop a state-of-the-art governance training program.

The Board has appointed Fred Kaustinen as the first Chief Governance Officer.

Oakville Councillor and Chair of the Halton Police Board, Jeff Knoll said “Kaustinen is the foremost expert on police governance in Canada. He has a wealth of experience working with the Ontario, Alberta and Canadian Police Governance Associations, plus the Manitoba Police Commission and numerous municipal and First Nations police boards.”.

Kaustinen, in a media release from the Board said: “The members of the Halton Police Board are recognized for their openness to new ideas, creativity, and relentless pursuit of service excellence. The progress we can make as a team of innovative leaders will set new national standards for police governance. It’s a really exciting opportunity for the whole community.”

We had a number of questions about the appointment including:

Is this a full time job for the CGO?

He reports to the Board – correct?

While he would not be involved in operations – to what degree can he probe, look and investigate if necessary?

Is this an appointment with a time frame?

Was the job advertised?

We will let you know when we get answers.




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1 comment to Halton Police Board appoints a Chief Governance Officer

  • We would nust like to see well evidenced Halton crimes, particularly those committed against vulnerable elderly investigated instead of buried. HRPS do not have to set the bar for national standards. We would be happy if they just did their job. Once we get the terms of reference for this new position we will set the issues out for the CGO, the Board and the community and see if it makes any difference as to how significant crimes against our elderly with disabilities community are handled. Its time to serve and protect this very vulnerable sector.