Has construction on the 22 storey waterfront condo actually begun? Hotel probably can’t be open for the Pan Am Games.

By Pepper Parr

February 11, 2014


It’s going to be tough to have the Delta Hotel that will grace Lakeshore road at the bottom of Elizabeth in time for the Pan Am Games – construction appeared to start earlier this week.

A cement truck and a drill suggest someone is digging holes and filling them with concrete – what’s what construction is all about. Will we see the Delta Hotel and the Bridgewater open by the end of 2015?

People out on the property with drills and cement trucks – sure sign of somebody doing something to the ground.

The Games are scheduled to run from July  10-26 with soccer being played in Hamilton and the multi million dollar New City Park serving as the practice field for the competing teams.

Burlington’s newest and its biggest park has basically been rented out to the Pan Am Games people – all we will see of the teams is the bus bringing them to the city passing by.

Delta Hotel on the right and the 22 storey Bridgewater condominium on the left. Finally underway?

The four star Delta Hotel was touted as an upper end hotel which the city wanted in place for the Games.  Those who know construction tell us that it basically isn’t possible to get the building up and ready for occupancy in the time left.

“The big thing for us” said a usually reliable source “was to have the hotel in the city and operational.”

While there are construction workers on the property they appear to be on the side where the Bridgewater condominium will get built.

We will keep an eye on this for you.

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2 comments to Has construction on the 22 storey waterfront condo actually begun? Hotel probably can’t be open for the Pan Am Games.

  • Penny Hersh

    The hotel component which HAD to be part of the development and one of the reasons the City allowed old Lakeshore Road to be used by the developer seems to be falling by the wayside, if indeed what you say in your article is true.

    I remember suggesting to Marianne Meed-Ward that this could easily happen….the 22 storey condo blocking the lake along Lakeshore Road gets built first and the rest just sits and perhaps never sees the light of day…..I was told that this would never happen, that the HOTEL COMPONENT would be built, in fact had to be built for occupancy for the Pan Am Games. I didn’t accept the response as something written in stone, and the proof seems to be in the pudding so to speak if you are correct.

  • Mr.Bean

    I wonder what route the big, heavy trucks will take going and coming from the dirty, muddy work site?