Havendale lands to be developed by National Homes - 238 town homes proposed

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May 17th, 2017



According to the Council member for Ward 1, “About 150 people attended a recent “open house” hosted by National Homes to view the developer’s proposal for the redevelopment of the Havendale lands.

Havendale lands photo

Ward 1 residents look over the proposed development for the Havendale property on Brant just north of the EMS station.

The developer is planning construction of 238 townhouses, in various forms.

The proposal (which has not been filed at City Hall) includes an extension of the road allowance from Belgrave Crt, through the new development to Brant Street.

Most people attending expressed relief that the proposal does not include high rise buildings but there were a series of questions and concerns related to traffic, drainage and parking which will ultimately need to be answered.

The Council member will “advise if and when a formal application is received at City Hall. He said his “plan to set up a small neighbourhood advisory committee to review the proposal in detail.”

The property was previously owned by the Catholic Church Diocese and was used as farm land that took off hay each year.

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2 comments to Havendale lands to be developed by National Homes – 238 town homes proposed

  • I was hoping for a better entry price. I live on Havendale and would have considered helping finance a home for an adult child. These townhomes are priced too high for first time buyers – as is the entire Burlington Home Market actually.

  • Mr.Bean

    Looks like a good development to me.