Health Services when you Travel Abroad - How do you find Reliable Practitioners?

By  Vlad Mudrova

July 20th, 2022



Organizing medical treatment abroad
Every year, millions of people travel outside their native country to receive medical services. Now it has become really simple: just visit the Booking Health website, choose a disease and a treatment method, see the list of the best clinics in the world, compare prices and make an appointment with the chosen specialist. The company’s employees will help you to make the right choice and fully organize your trip.

Dr Marion Derasse at the Pneumology Department at . The Europe Hospitals

Medical services abroad
In developed countries, medicine is developing very rapidly. It receives generous funding, so clinics buy state-of-the-art equipment, poach the best doctors from around the world, conduct many research projects, develop increasingly effective drugs, procedures and operations.

In countries with weak economies, however, medicine is stuck at the level of the twentieth century. Doctors still perform traumatic operations and use unsafe drugs and outdated techniques. As a result, the diseases that modern medicine has learned to cope with still claim the lives of millions of people.

If your native country does not offer the highest level of medicine, there is no necessity to be treated at your place of residence. You can get on a plane and go to another country. Just a couple of hours, and you will be in one of the best clinics in the world! You don’t even have to solve organizational issues on your own because this will be done by Booking Health, a certified medical tourism provider.

How to make your treatment appointment through the Booking Health website?

Among the clinics recommended in the past is the Academic Hospital Garmisch-Partenkirchen where Ekaterina K., Georgia, Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Dieter Allescher practice.

You better start by choosing a clinic. You can do this on the Booking Health website. The service is very convenient: enter a disease in the search bar, select a treatment method, and you will receive a list of clinics where it is used. You can also select the desired country and city, and specify the patient’s age (adult or child), if necessary. The list of hospitals can be sorted by price, rating, reviews, and the nearest free admission date.
The service itself will select the recommended clinics with the optimal ratio of cost and quality of medical services for you. If you want to be treated in the best hospital only, and prices are not of particular importance to you, select the option “TOP clinics” in the drop-down list.

Can’t make a choice? Please leave your request on our website. The Booking Health specialists will contact you and advise you on treatment abroad.

We have all the statistics on clinics, so we know exactly where and what disease is best treated.

How to travel abroad?
Previously, the organization of treatment abroad presented serious difficulties: the choice of a clinic, communication with the administration, medical documents, translation, visa, hotel, air tickets, language barrier, the search for an interpreter abroad and many other problems snowballed on a person who, moreover, is not in the best state of health.

Everything is much easier today. If you make your treatment appointment through the Booking Health service, the company’s employees will fully organize your trip. As a result, you can focus on your health, not worry about anything, and save a lot of nerves, effort, time and money.

The original price will definitely not increase for you, even if additional medical procedures are required.

When you make an appointment through Booking Health, the diagnosis of diseases and treatment abroad become cheaper. Prices are reduced due to the lack of additional fees for international patients. In addition, you will receive an insurance that will cover unexpected expenses up to 200,000 EUR.

This means that the original price will definitely not increase for you, even if additional medical procedures are required.

Take full advantage of medical tourism with Booking Health, and your treatment abroad will become easier, faster and cheaper.

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