Heard around town: A cabal wanting to fix city hall?

 By Pepper Parr

August 15, 2013.

BURLINGTON, ON.  Two people had a chat one evening.  It came about when one of the two telephoned the other.  One of the two was as far right on the political spectrum as Attila the Hun while the other was on the left side of the political spectrum – sort of where Tommy Douglas stood.

The lefty didn’t have a clue as to why the right-winger wanted to meet – and knew even less when the meeting was over.

Sometime after that a woman of a certain age was having a friendly drink in an Elizabeth Street establishment and happened upon a man who was quite well into his cups and informed the woman of a certain age that the Conservatives in this city were going to put up a slate of candidates that would fix things at city hall.

Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward. Unbeatable? Some Tory’s seem to think so.

The well-informed individual did admit that there would be problems with Ward 2 where Marianne Meed Ward could probably not be beaten but he was confident that the Tories were in for life in Ward 6 where they believed Blair Lancaster could not be beaten. 

Miss Photo Op – never misses a camera opportunity – but then so do most of the other Council members. Councillor Blair Lancaster in the center with Burlington Olympians in red. Ms Lancaster husband is on the far left.

The lady of a certain age asked why, given the dis-satisfaction expressed by many of the north Burlington residents, they felt the Beauty Queen could not be beaten?  “She was Miss Canada in 1970 you know” was the response.  That tiara may have something to do with Lancaster’s 2010 win – but, truth be told she won by 125  votes against a candidate who didn’t live in the ward.  If Phil Buck, who shouldn’t have been in the race to begin with,  were not on the ballot Mark Carr would be the council member for Ward 6.  Carr by the way will not run in 2014.

So where is this Tory sweep going to come from?

Is there a Tory in Ward 1 that can beat Craven?

Can anyone beat Taylor in Ward 3?

There is a very credible candidate in the wings who will run in ward 4 – don’t expect Dennison to run again.

Is Paul Sharman safe in Ward 5?  Is he a Tory – and if he is, do the Tory’s want him?  They didn’t want Brian Heagle provincially.

Is the Mayor vulnerable?  Is there anyone on the horizon that could come in out of the cold and beat Rick Goldring?  It certainly isn’t going to be Carol D’Amelio.  Philip Papadopoulos might find he has money he doesn’t need and mount yet another mayoralty campaign.

Perhaps the man in his cups, who has served as President of Burlington Conservative riding associations in the past,  was engaged in wishful thinking.  Or is there really a cabal out there wanting to fix city hall?

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4 comments to Heard around town: A cabal wanting to fix city hall?

  • John B.

    I agree with Roger. Lancaster OUT, Goldring/Meed-Ward/Craven in. However, he forgot Taylor who isnt going anywhere.
    Sharman doesnt have a lock on winning.
    Also, Im not sure it needs to be a whole block of wood to beat Blair, perhaps only a sliver will do the trick.

  • Susan Lewis

    I love subject matter of this article.

    Pepper Parr picked a pickled politician.

  • Roger S

    Like the Tory’s fixed the senate and the are unelectable provincially outside of traditional ridings. As of Burlington -Sharman won with 21.2% of the vote where only 24% of the eligible voters showed – not exactly a mandate – chances at re-election are touch and go – Tory sweep unlikely – Lancaster has been a no show in Ward 6 and unikely to get re-elected if a credible candidate such as a block of wood comes forward. Goldring is a lock for Mayor and no one is touching Meed-Ward, Craven is on his way to his next term

  • Bob B

    Lancaster doesnt stand a chance.