Her name is Eleeza and she wanted to be able to give a toy to refugee children arriving in Canada next week.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

December 2, 2015


“My name is Eleeza”: she said during the public meeting on Syrian refugees held at the Mainway Recreation centre Tuesday evening. “And I am going to be taking these toys to children that we meet at the airport when they arrive from Syria.”


Eleeza collecting funds for the toys she wanted to give refugee children arriving in Canada next week from Syria.

Eleeza added that the toys cost about $5 each and she would appreciate any support she could get. A couple of minutes later someone slipped her $5 – and as the meeting progressed people would pass some money to her.

As the meeting was ending there was almost a lineup of people who were passing along five, ten and twenty dollar bills to a very surprised Eleeza and her amazed Mother.

Dec 2 meting crowd

There were very close to 400 people at the public meeting called by the Mayor to talk about the Syrian refugees expected to arrive in Canada next week.

The meeting attracted very close to 400 people. The Gazette will report on the meeting in detail in a separate article.

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4 comments to Her name is Eleeza and she wanted to be able to give a toy to refugee children arriving in Canada next week.

  • Lois Best

    Mr. Zaheer, Do you know what your future holds? Do the children who fall in the poverty line in Burlington know what their future holds? Let’s just make sure that everyone who currently has citizenship is WELL taken care of. No school board trustee should feel the need to personally purchase a pair of shoes for a Burlington child – to enable them to attend school. No child in Burlington or Canada should be living in poverty. If they are – they are living their own ‘war’ zone!! If they are – the Canadian government has a lot of work to do.

  • Great to hear about the wonderful things kids are doing in the community. Our future looks bright, Canada!

  • Ali Zaheer

    I understand about the poverty line. But these ppl r coming from a war zone to a new place with all their bridges burnt and no clue about what their future holds.
    People here at least have citizenship and health coverage., free schooling, etc.
    Someone up there is looking at all efforts. We help others and we will in return get help from God. Thats humaity! Love Burlington!

  • Lois Best

    Let’s also NOT forget:
    Poverty in Burlington, Ontario
    Posted: March 19, 2015
    “families are living below the poverty line”
    CHCH News reports on the poverty in Burlington