Heritage month gets off to a lively start; library filled with exhibits, re-enactors all over the place..

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BURLINGTON, ON.  February 3, 2013   The provincial government encourages municipalities to promote and preserve both the Cultural and Built Heritage of the Province through the promotion, education and support of heritage conservation projects through public and private agencies and organizations.

This reenactor explained to a very attentive boys what it must have been like to have fought in the war of 1812 that the province will continue to celebrate in 2013.

Burlington, the city that has struggled for years on how it wanted to preserve its heritage housing got into the game with the decision to highlight, and recognize the work being done by different groups to further education and promotion of Heritage by way of displays, seminars and presentations to promote Heritage both Cultural and Built Heritage in Burlington.

With bullets flying all over the place during battle, medical services were desperately needed.  This reenactor delighted in telling his audience how teeth were pulled and legs cut off.

They got off on the right foot on Saturday  at the Burlington Central Public Library by hosting the Heritage Fair, a free day of seminars, interactive displays for children, poster contest and exhibits by local heritage organizations.

As we wind our way through the month of February there will be a Burlington Built Heritage Award that will recognize property owners who contributed to the preservation of our built heritage for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Unfortunately, one of the very best “built heritage” examples is a home owned by a member of  Heritage Burlington, the city’s Citizens Advisory Committee on matters of heritage, and that may disqualify her from receiving an award.  The Advisort committee report to city Council through the Development and Infrastructure Committee and are the best example the city has of a well-organized and focused Advisory Committee.  Burlington has had problems with some of its advisory committees in the past.  City council decided to sunset one and another asked to be sunset.

The Transit Advisory committee has undergone a significant re-organization and it doing very well.

Period costume always brings out a story.  A woman here explains part of the life lived by women during the province’s the war of 1812.

The city is currently looking for volunteers to serve on several of its Advisory Committees.  If you have experience and sincerely want to work collaboratively and can leave your personal agenda at home – this is something you might want to look into.  You work hard, you have to do your homework as well but it is satisfying and personally rewarding work.

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