High school parent group sends a Christmas wish list

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December 10th, 2017



If you were a child sitting on the curb along Guelph Line or New Street when Santa visited you could have had you letter to Santa Claus listing the gifts you wanted. Canada Post employees were collecting the letters – that has to ensure delivery.

The parents at Lester B. Pearson and Robert Bateman high schools have asked the Gazette if we would deliver their Christmas wish to Margaret Wilson, the facilitator who was brought in by the Minister of Education to determine if the Board of Education followed the PAR process properly.

There were a number of parents at both schools who think the Board sort of blew it and they want to let Mrs. Wilson know what they are looking for either in their stocking or under their tree.

LBP Santa plea

Margaret Wilson is in the process of writing her report on whether or not the Halton District School Board followed the PAR process properly. Some parents are hoping Santa might influence her thinking.

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2 comments to High school parent group sends a Christmas wish list

  • Cheryl

    Stephen I would agree with you and that is what I am writing in my letter to Santa. This would be an incredible very needed gift that a lot of Burlington citizens are hoping for. A moratorium to school closures and wait until a better PAR process is created. I sure hope the Board of Trustees are listening as well

  • Stephen White

    I would have asked Santa for replacement H.D.S.B. trustees, along with a new Director of Education. The ones we have now are all broken and don’t work well anymore.