Hold your noses; they are about to pass a budget when what they’ve really done is pass gas.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  May 2, 2013.  The Premier of the province Kathleen Wynne got her Minister of Finance to produce a budget that might keep the leader of the NDP happy enough to not vote against it later this week but that really isn’t the problem we are going to have with this government.

When Kathleen Wynne told a Legislative committee that she didn’t know the cost of closing the gas plant in Oakville was $310 million she lost me.  For her to have sat at the Cabinet table where the decision to close the plant was made and tell us now that she believed the cost was just $40 million tells me the same games are still being played.

We had trouble believing Kathleen Wynne when she was Minister of Transportation and in town to convince us the government would never pout a road through the Escarpment.  Even harder to believe that she didn’t know the cost of closing the Oakville gas plant project was going to cost just $40 million when the true cost was $310 million.

Wynne is going to wear that rubber tire around her neck until it eventually brings her down and that is going to be close to tragic for the province.

I don’t believe Andrea Horwath and her New Democrats can govern.  And to have Tim Hudak as Premier of the province takes us back to the Mike Harris era – we are still struggling to get out from under the damage he did.

Hudak carries the same Harris blood line; one that is limited, simplistic and basically mean-spirited. Hudak does not seem to be able to see anything majestic in the human condition. .  Horwath hasn’t grown to the point where she can serve as Premier – and if she were elected – where would her Cabinet come from?  Wynne just doesn’t know how or want to tell the truth.

The budget will probably pass and then get reduced to a mess in committee that will slow us down for years to come.

The mistake the Ontario Liberals made was choosing Wynne and not Sandra Pupatello.

We would be in the middle of an election now had Pupatello been chosen as leader.  Pupatello would have cleaned Tim Hudak’s clock and we would have a majority government.

Premier Wynne is correct when she says the people of Ontario don’t want an election.  Having an election with Wynne as leader certainly doesn’t guarantee her a win.  It won’t put the New Democrats in office and it is doubtful that the Progressive Conservatives would win a majority.

It is not our view that Ontario wants what Tim Hudak wants for us.  What a mess

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