Hope spring eternal - disgruntled local Tories think there just might be a chance that the McKenna nomination will be tossed.

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February 9th, 2018



Hope springs eternal.

Some of the Progressive Conservatives in Burlington are excited. The provincial PC’s have “uncovered new information on some nominations” and will be reviewing several questionable candidate nomination elections with an eye toward overturning contentious results according to a news story in the Toronto Star.

McKenna at her AGM

Jane McKenna, candidate for the PC nomination at the 2016  nomination meeting. She won by 41 votes.

There are those in Burlington that felt the nomination of Jane McKenna as the PC candidate was a put up job that was appealed to the party organization but a new nomination meeting was denied.

McKenna was very close to both Patrick Brown and the party president Rick Dykstra. With both of them gone for questionable behavior local PC members think that just maybe the new party administration will take another look at who the candidate for the provincial PC’s in Burlington should be.


If the McKenna nomination is found to have been flawed will Jane Michael run for the nomination again? Is the Pope Catholic?

“Since ex-leader Patrick Brown’s resignation two weeks ago, the provincial Tories have been cleaning house ahead of a new leader being elected March 10.”

As previously reported in the Star, about a dozen PC candidate nominations across Ontario have been ended in controversy, including in Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas, which is now the subject of a Hamilton Police investigation into allegations of criminal fraud and forgery.

In Ottawa West-Nepean, candidate Karma Macgregor won by 15 votes over runner-up Jeremy Roberts last May. There were 28 more ballots in boxes than the number of people registered to vote.

Democracy in action – messy but have you looked at the alternative?

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