Hospital still struggling with new outbreaks of Covid19 - this virus is still with us

By Staff

January 30th, 2020



Days after announcing that levels 4, 5 and  6 of Joseph Brant Hospital had been cleared of the Covid19 outbreak, the hospital announced that there has been an outbreak on Unit 6 South 200 (6S200) where two patients tested positive for COVID-19.

All appropriate precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of patients, Essential Care Partners (ECPs), staff and physicians.

Staff struggle to keep up with new Covid19 infections at JBH

Joseph Brant Hospital’s Infection Prevention and Control team and Employee Health Services are ensuring all patients on the unit, along with staff and physicians who have been or may have been exposed, are being contacted, monitored, tested as required and self-isolating in keeping with Public Health guidelines. Patients on the unit are in isolation as of January 29 and have been instructed to continue the 10-day self-isolation when discharged from hospital.

A number of enhanced safety measures are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of our patients, staff and physicians. This includes closing 6S200 to new patient admissions and placing patients on enhanced droplet and contact precautions.

In addition, ECPs are no longer permitted to enter the unit except under very limited circumstances in consultation with the patient’s care team. Patients can still connect with their loved ones by telephone and video – both telephone and WiFi are available at no cost. Patients and their loved ones can visit the hospital website for information on how to book a video visit:

JBH is monitoring the situation closely and will continue to work closely with Halton Region Public Health to bring a safe end to the outbreak as soon as possible. Patients or loved ones who have questions or concerns can contact a member of the JBH Patient Relations team at 905-632-3737 ext. 4949 or by email

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2 comments to Hospital still struggling with new outbreaks of Covid19 – this virus is still with us

  • A special thank you to all the staff at JBH.

  • bill keary

    So on Jan 28 your headline was “Hospital back to normal – all the Covid infections are under control – visitors can return” please make up your mind!

    Editor’s note: Bill – get a grip. There were three different infections on three different levels of the hospital on different dates. When they were cleared they issued a statement saying the hospital had cleared the infection problem. Then, as God made those little green apples – guess what Bill – there was another round of infections. Them’s the fact Bill