How many male Members of Parliament will Burlington MP Karina Gould manage to slip a pink high heal on?

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October 21st, 2106



She once got a shout out from the President of the United States when he was addressing the House of Commons – now she wants to get the make members of that same House out wearing high heels – pink high heels.

A number of weeks ago Burlington MP Karina Gould challenged the Speaker of the House to hold such an event – and somehow the challenge got taken up and on November 3rd Gould MP for Burlington will be hosting Hope in High Heels on Parliament Hill


Men in Burlington have been doing their annual pink high heel thing to make a point – and they are getting that point across. Next Month Burlington’s MP hopes to get every male member of Parliament into a pair of high heels The Prime Minister will pull it off – watch for some wobbly ankles from some of the others.

After participating in the Hope in High Heels walk organized by Halton Women’s Place in Burlington on September 24, MP Gould was inspired to bring the walk to Parliament Hill.

“The message is simple – we will not end violence against women and children, if boys and men are not included in the conversation and part of the solution,” said MP Gould in a statement in the House of Commons. “Having this event in Ottawa, encourages all Members of Parliament, Senators and their staff to show Canadians that we are united in this fight.”

Halton Women’s Place has organized Hope in High Heels in Halton for the past seven years to help raise funds for their women’s shelter in the Halton region and to raise awareness of this ongoing issue. Halton Women’s Place will travel to Ottawa with their hot pink heels in tow, for all male parliamentarians looking to participate.


There is a strong message behind those pink high heels – “real men don’t hit woman” The Halton woman’s Place houses a number of women who have been hit by men.

“Halton Women’s Place is thrilled to bring Hope in High Heels to Ottawa,” said Diane Beaulieu, Executive Director, Halton Women’s Place. “We are proud of our relationship with MP Karina Gould who continues to advocate for women’s issues, especially women’s shelters. This initiative shows our clients that our community supports them in their decisions to start a new life free of violence. We look forward to working together with our local, provincial and federal government on making change for abused women and their children.”

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said, “Together, we can create a Canada and a world where all citizens are respected, valued equally, and safe from violence.”

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1 comment to How many male Members of Parliament will Burlington MP Karina Gould manage to slip a pink high heal on?

  • Stephen White

    Excuse the pun but it would appear Karina Gould is following closely in the footsteps of Paddy Tornsey….another one issue candidate. If the subject didn’t relate to women’s issues it was deemed unworthy.

    I predict Ms. Tornsey is destined for a long career on the Liberal backbenches. While the cause may have inherent value the antics in support of it detract from her political credibility.

    Editor’s note: Ahem. Mr White – Paddy Torsney is no longer a member of parliament. She is the Permanent representative at the United Nations for the International Parliamentary Union.
    Karina Gould has more than enough credibility to make it to Cabinet – an under 30 woman who won a seat held by the Conservatives for ages – she didn’t win that seat on a single issue